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Domestic Student Savings Bundle

Domestic undergraduate and graduate students could save over $18,000 in tuition and fees over a four-year period.

Your Domestic Student Savings Bundle includes the following financial benefits for as long as you are eligible to live in U of R housing:

  • Locked-in tuition rates and fees.
  • Locked-in and discounted housing rates.
  • Annual meal card valued at $1,000**.
  • Annual U of R Campus Store credit valued at $500**.
  • Locked-in bus pass fees.
  • Locked-in health and dental plan fees.

**Purchased annually as part of the opt-in requirements to take advantage of the Really BIG Deal savings offer.

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There are three housing options available to you with this offer:

Option 1:

4/5 bedroom option discounted by 10%, currently $6,964/8 months, will be $6,268/8 months.

Option 2:

Dorm option discounted by 20%, currently $6,552/8 months, will be $5,242/8 months.

Option 3:

Dorm with a bunk bed, new rate $2,621/8 months.

See the Savings Over Four Years

Savings Over Four Years for: Tuition & Fees Residence Fees Total combined savings over four years
Domestic Arts Student $1,396 $3,632 to $16,522 $5,028 to $17,918
Domestic Business Student $1,627 $3,632 to $16,522 $5,260 to $18,149

Contact Housing Services to Opt In Today

To opt into the Really BIG deal, you must first apply and be accepted to University Housing, then opt into the housing and tuition savings offer. Students in any year of study can apply and you can submit both your housing and your opt in form at the same time.

Applying is easy and only two steps:

Step 1:

Apply to live in U of R housing

Step 2:

Fill out the Really BIG Deal Opt In Form

Once you apply, and have been approved to live in U of R Housing, you will be contacted directly by Housing Services in two business days regarding your application and eligibility.

Still Have Questions?

Telephone: 1-306-585-5450

Toll-Free: 1-866-354-3394