About us

With funding provided by the Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, in April 2019 a branch Research Data Centre (RDC) in Regina was launched to provide access to Statistics Canada microdata.

The Regina RDC has:

  • A main lab housing nine workstations
  • A Saskatchewan government research office housing two workstations
  • An office for the Statistics Canada RDC Analyst
  • An office for an Assistant Research Analyst
  • A meeting room with a wall-mounted monitor and teleconference capability

 Project milestones:

  • Fall 2016: Survey of University of Regina research community to gauge interest in establishing a RDC in Regina
  • Spring 2017: Partnership with Government of Saskatchewan established
  • November 2017: RDC proposal submitted to the Canadian Research Data Centre Network
  • December 2017: Conditional approval received
  • June 2018: Funding from Government of Saskatchewan confirmed
  • October 2018: Lease signed with Innovation Place
  • November 2018 to end of January 2019: renovations and procurement of equipment and furniture
  • February to March 2019: move in and set up furniture and equipment,
  • April 2019: Establish network connections, test network connections and test equipment
  • April 2019: Physical and information security inspections
  • April 2019: Open the centre

To Learn more about the RDC take a look at our brochure.