Regina Research Data Centre

The Research Data Centre (RDC) at the University of Regina is part of a nation-wide network of RDCs, with sites at 31 universities.The RDC is a secure Statistics Canada environment that allows researchers to access confidential Statistics Canada microdata files. At University of Regina, the RDC facility is located at Innovation Place, in Suite 190, #2 Research Drive. Rozzet Jurdi-Hage (Sociology & Social Studies) is the Academic Director, and Rebekah Corpuz is the Statistics Canada RDC Analyst. The Regina RDC is funded by a joint-partnership between the University of Regina and the Government of Saskatchewan.

Why should I use the RDC?

The RDC provides access to Statistics Canada data sets, with no monetary cost to academic or Government of Saskatchewan researchers or students. Conducting secondary analysis on these data sets can be a time effective way to access high-quality data for thesis/dissertation and other research projects. The process for acquiring approval from the Research Ethics Board is simplified by using data that has been gathered in compliance with the Statistics Act and is anonymized. In addition, the RDC offers funding to Ph.D. students who use RDC data for their dissertation, in the form of an Emerging Scholar Grant.