Nuelle Novik, BA, BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW

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Associate Professor

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Office: 306-585-4573
ED 472
Regina Campus

Research Interests

  • Aging
  • Rural and Remote Social Work and Health Care
  • Mental Health
  • Death and Dying
  • Palliative Care
  • Social Work Counselling and Therapy
  • Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice
  • Community Engagement and Community-Based Research


  • Food Bank Utilization by Community-Dwelling Seniors in an Urban Setting – July 2012 (Ongoing) - Novik – Primary Investigator: This SSHRC funded community-based project is based upon collaboration between the researcher, The Regina Food Bank, REACH (Regina Education and Action on Childhood Hunger, and North Central Community Association. This pilot project will interview seniors from the City of Regina in order to determine how they are currently meeting their food security needs, and what formal and informal supports and programs they are currently accessing in order to do so.
  • REACH:  Establishing Outcome Evaluations - 2011/2012 – Novik – Primary Investigator:  Through support from the United Way, REACH provided funds for this project.  The focus of this project included the review and development of outcomes to measure through a collaborative process with REACH staff, partners and stakeholders, as well as the development of an evaluation process that REACH staff and volunteers can perform on an annual basis.
  • Completing the Circle:  End of Life Care with Aboriginal Families – 2011/2012 – Novik – Co-applicant:  The primary investigator for this project was Dr. Mary Hampton from the University of Regina.  Funding for this project was secured from a CIHR KT Supplement Grant.
  • The Cost of Food Security in Regina: A Community-Based Research Project – 2010 – Novik – Primary Investigator: This community based project was jointly funded by the Food Banks of SK and Regina Food Bank. The project itself was a collaborative effort between the     Social Policy Research Unit, Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina; the Community Research Unit, Faculty of Arts, University of Regina; and Regina Food Bank, Regina, SK.
  • Role of Social Systems in the Health of Seniors Living in Rural Saskatchewan – Pilot Project – 2009-2011 – Novik – Co-Principal Investigator: This project was funded through the CIHR and the CCHSA.  The primary investigator of this project was Dr. Bonnie Jeffery, Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina.
  • An Outcome Evaluation of Internet Cognitive Behavior Therapy (I-CBT) Training for Students and Mental Health Service Providers – 2010 (Ongoing) – Novik – Collaborator:  The primary investigator of this project is Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos, University of Regina.  Funding for this project came from CIHR and SHRF.
  • Pain and Palliative Care with seniors in Northern Canada – 2007 – Novik – Research Assistant: Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  Nuelle Novik worked with Dr. Michael MacLean on this research project and conducted interviews throughout the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
  • Subjective well being and Northern Canadian social workers – 2006 – Novik – Collaborator: This project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  The Principal Investigator on this project was Dr. John Graham, University of Calgary.


Refereed Journal Articles

Novik, N. (2012). The role of social work in palliative care: A comparison across Canada’s three northern territories. [Special Issue]. Journal of Comparative Social Work, 2012/1, ISSN: 0809-9936. 

Novik, N. (2012). Opinion: Issues facing social work education in the Canadian Arctic. [Special Issue]. Journal of Comparative Social Work, 2012/1, ISSN: 0809-9936.

Graham, J.R., Fukudo, E., Shier, M.L., Kline, T.B.J., Brownlee, K., & Novik, N. (2012).  Demographic, work-related, and life satisfaction predictors of Northern social workers’ satisfaction with work and profession. International Social Work.  January 19, 2012, doi: 10.1177/0020872811429953   

Refereed Chapters in Books

Novik, N. (2012).  The quality of life of elderly Ukrainian immigrant women in Saskatchewan.  In Leipert, B.D, Leach, B. & Thurston, W.  Rural women’s health.  Toronto, ON:  University of Toronto Press. 

Jeffery, B., Bacsu, J., Martz, D., Abonyi, S., & Novik, N. (2011). Rural seniors. In Michalos, A.C. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of quality of life research, Springer Publishing.

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Novik, N.  (2010).  An exploration of the factors impacting upon elderly Ukrainian immigrant women, In Durst, D. & MacLean, M (Ed.).  Diversity and aging among immigrant seniors in Canada, (pp. 363-386).  Calgary, AB:  Detselig Enterprises Ltd.

MacLean, M., Novik, N., Ram, K, & Schmidt, A. (2010). End-of-life care for immigrant seniors,Diversity and aging among immigrant seniors in Canada, In Durst, D. & MacLean, M.  (Ed.). Diversity and aging among immigrant seniors in Canada, (pp. 169-186).  Calgary, AB:  Detselig Enterprises Ltd.