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This page is intended to guide students through the admissions process to the Faculty of Social Work. We also have a detailed brochure to guide prospective Social Work applicants.

If you have any questions about getting started after viewing the information provided, please sign up for a live, interactive Q & A session with one of our academic advisors. These live sessions are held online through Zoom. You can sign up for a session (held once per month) using our advising calendar. 

Admission Overview

Application for Admission to Pre-Social Work

Students wishing to pursue the BSW must be admitted to the University of Regina (U of R). In applying for admission, we recommend that students choose the Pre-Social Work program of study, offered by the Faculty of Social Work. 

Pre-Social Work Admission Dates:

Pre-SW admission is possible each semester; deadlines vary. Please visit U of R Admissions for dates and admission information.

For U of R Saskatoon Campus location only:

Students located in Saskatoon have two options for completing the U of R BSW program: 

A) The U of R Approach - in this approach, students apply to the U of R only and complete both the General University Studies and Social Work Studies sections of the BSW through the U of R.

B) The Blended Approach - in this approach, students apply to both the U of R (Pre-Social Work) and the University of Saskatchewan (typically in Arts & Science). In the blended approach, students complete some or all of the General University Studies section of the BSW through the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), and the Social Work Studies section is completed through the U of R.

For details on either of these approaches, visit our Saskatoon Campus page.

Completion of Pre-Social Work Requirements

To be eligible to apply to the BSW Program, students must first complete the Pre-Social Work requirements. Students who have already completed all of the Pre-Social Work course requirements through another faculty at the University of Regina, or through another institution, may apply directly for admission to the BSW Program. If uncertain, we recommend that students consult with an Academic Advisor through the Faculty of Social Work to verify that the Pre-Social Work requirements have been met.

Applicants to the BSW Program are assessed on the following:

  • Completion of Pre-Social Work academic requirements;
  • Work and volunteer experience; and
  • Personal statement (approximately 4 pages in length).
It is strongly recommended that students get involved in human service while in the Pre-Social Work program. Experience gained prior to admission into the Pre-Social Work program is also taken into consideration during the BSW admissions process, so we encourage prospective applicants to start getting involved as early as possible!
Application for Admission to the Bachelor of Social Work Program

After completing the Pre-Social Work Program requirements, students may apply online for admittance to the BSW Program. Learn more about submitting your BSW application.

  • There is one annual intake for BSW Program admittance, please see below for details.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.
  • Applicants must submit up-to-date, official transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions attended. See our academic requirements section below for details.
  • Applications will only be considered if students have satisfied the requirements of the Pre-Social Work Program.
  • For new students to the University of Regina, the BSW Program Application also serves as an application for admission to the University.
  • Applicants who do not meet University of Regina admission requirements or BSW Program admission requirements will not be considered for admission to the BSW Program.
  • All applicants are informed in writing of the Faculty of Social Work's decision.
  • Students are not limited in the number of times they may apply for admission to the BSW Program.

Students can also view this guide to applying to the Bachelor of Social Work program.

Full-time and Part-time Studies:

Admitted applicants may choose to take the program either on a full-time basis (9 to 15 credit hours per term) or part-time basis (3 to 6 credit hours per term), in accordance with the location-specific information below, unless the admission letter states otherwise.

  • Regina & Saskatoon campuses: Full-time or part-time studies available
  • Off-Campus (outside of Regina & Saskatoon): Part time only. We cannot guarantee full time studies, but there may be terms in which full time course loads are available off-campus/remotely.  Off-campus students also have the option of commuting to our campuses to take courses as needed.

Distance Delivery of the BSW:

Although we offer several online and live-streamed courses, the full BSW program is not delivered as an online program. Specifically, SW 390 Communication Skills (a third-year, mandatory course) is made available for distance students as an intensive, on-campus course throughout the Spring or Summer terms.  In addition, SW 348 Practicum I (a fourth-year, mandatory, 15-week practicum) must be completed in Saskatchewan.

Information Access:

A copy of the application and all copies of the evaluation forms will be retained on file. All other information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the admissions period. Please note that application information may be used for research purposes but only in a non-identifying format.

Admission Rate:

On a yearly basis, the Faculty of Social Work receives more applications for admission to the BSW Program than there are spaces available. The precise number admitted will depend on the number of qualified applications and the resources available to the Faculty.

Watch this BSW application prep session video for more information:

Academic Requirements for BSW Admission

To be considered for admission to the BSW, applicants must have successfully completed the Pre-Social Work Program requirements (see above):

  • Minimum 70% BSW Admission GPA, calculated using the applicant's grades earned in their most recent 30 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses (effective Fall 2021).
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of university credit including ENGL 100, INDG 100, PSYC 101, SOC 100 and SW 100 (or transfer credit equivalents); note that courses in progress must be successfully completed prior to April 30th of the application year. 

Please see the current University of Regina Undergraduate Calendar for a listing of all BSW requirements.

Conditional Admission

Students who have not completed the Pre-Social Work Program course requirements at the time of application for admission to the BSW program must complete them by April 30th of the application year to be eligible for conditional admission. Therefore, Pre-Social Work courses can be in progress during the Winter term when applying to the BSW.  Conditional admission does not apply to the 70% GPA requirement, which must be attained by the application deadline of January 15th.

Transcripts & Courses from Other Institutions

Some students may have completed the above requirements with courses transferred in from other institutions. Please refer to our section on transfer credit for details on transferring courses to meet program requirements.

During the BSW admission process, we review applicants' transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.  Therefore, applicants must ensure to submit their up-to-date, official transcripts as part of the application process. Since application review begins in January, official transcripts must show courses completed to the end of December of the year prior.  For those applying for conditional admission, transcripts (or an additional confirmation of enrollment) must also show courses in progress.

Note: if the University of Regina has already received the most recent version of an applicant's official transcript, the applicant is not required to re-submit the transcript. 

Calculation of the BSW Admission GPA

Grade point average (GPA) for admission to the BSW program is calculated using the applicant's grades earned in their most recent 30 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses.  This includes courses from the U of R and other post-secondary institutions attended, and is not limited to successfully completed courses. 

Students applying for conditional admission who have not yet attained 30 credit hours will have their BSW Admission GPA calculated using all approved post-secondary courses completed by the application deadline of January 15th. Conditionally admitted applicants must maintain a 70% GPA for full admission; therefore, the BSW Admission GPA will be re-calculated at the end of the Winter term using the applicant's most recent 30 credit hours. 

There is additional information about the GPA located on the following information sheet: Calculation of the BSW Admission GPA

Assessment for Admittance to the BSW Program

Applicants who meet the academic requirements (see above) will have their admission application evaluated by a social work review panel.  Reviewers will assess the applicants' commitment to, and experience in, human service.  Reviewers will also assess writing skills, critical thought, self-awareness, ethics and values.  This assessment will be based on the applicants':

  • human service experience - paid; (formally work experience)
  • human service experience - unpaid; (formally volunteer/community experience)
  • educational experience;
  • overall academic history;
  • personal statement;
  • overall student portfolio.

Applicants who have met the academic requirements and, through the assessment process above, have demonstrated adequate commitment to and experience in human service will be ranked by PGPA. 

The Faculty of Social Work supports the principles of equity and promotes social and cultural diversity. Applicants who identify themselves as experiencing cultural and/or social barriers will be given additional consideration in the ranking process. 

Human Service & Community Engagement 

There are many ways of contributing to the health and well-being of your community. In this section of your BSW application, describe five examples of specific human service activities that define your support to healthy relationship-/community-building and community engagement. Consider what “service” means to you – it could include mentorship, traditional volunteering, fundraising, community organizing, work with elders and knowledge keepers, artistic contributions (e.g., community development art projects, socially conscious theatre, dance, or crafts that engage individuals, groups and/or communities), offering informal support to a friend or neighbour, or caring for a family member.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Important Dates and Deadlines

October 1st BSW online application opens
January 15th

BSW Application & Transcript Deadline

BSW online application closes at 11:59 p.m.

Note, our offices close at 4:30 p.m.

Early March

BSW admission decisions are e-mailed to students.

Welcome orientation for students admitted to the BSW.

May or September BSW Program begins. Students can choose to start in Spring/Summer or Fall

Pre-SW admission is possible each semester; deadlines vary. Please visit the U of R's 

admissions website for dates and admission information.

Apply to Study Social Work

Apply to the Pre-Social Work Program

To apply for the Pre-Social Work program, you need to apply online through the admissions portal. Important notes:
  • Please refer to the Future Students website for application deadlines.
  • Current U of R Students in other faculties: this will be a faculty transfer.
  • Future U of R Students: this will be your application for admission to the University.
  • Application Type: Choose a general type: mature, high school, college/university, international, etc. Do not choose 'Bachelor of Social Work'!
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Pre-Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'

Apply to the Bachelor of Social Work Program

To apply for the Bachelor of Social Work program, you need to apply online through the admissions portal. The intake for Bachelor of Social Work students is once per year. The deadline to apply each year is January 15th.

When applying:

  • Application Type: you must select 'Bachelor of Social Work'. Do not choose a general type such as mature, high school, college/university, international, etc.
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Bachelor of Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'
  • Admission to the BSW is for the Spring/Summer semester (May-August); however, students who gain admission also have the option to start in Fall.

Information / Preparation Session:

Before applying, it is recommended that you watch an online BSW Application Preparation Session Passcode: kP.1%Fz9 (available from October to January).  


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