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The new Centre for Experiential and Service Learning is now open!

07 September 2022
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The University of Regina’s new Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL) is now open in Riddell Centre (RC 163)!

The team at the Centre for Experiential and Service Learning are here to help you learn by doing, which is what experiential learning is all about. You will have access to both paid and volunteer opportunities to apply what you learn – not only in the classroom, but across campus, and in the wider community.

“For over 50 years, the U of R has been a leader in providing students with experiential learning opportunities,” said President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jeff Keshen. “The new Centre for Experiential and Service Learning represents a renewed and increased focus on ensuring all students graduate from the U of R career-ready and gain relevant experience for their intended career path.”

Experiential learning opportunities will take a hands-on approach to help you retain what you learn and build valuable experience to prepare you for your career after graduation.

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Sign up to receive updates on upcoming career-readiness programming. Photo: Centre for Experiential and Service Learning.

What’s in it for you:

  • Workshops, programming, and campus events to gain skills specific to your goals and career path.
  • Digital badges that you can add to your resume and/or professional portfolios in areas such as career foundations, cultural awareness, leadership, and mentorship. Badges are designed to recognize the skills and opportunities students are participating in outside of the formal classroom.
  • Transferable skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure you are career-ready when you graduate.

“A student who leaves the U of R career-ready will be far more successful in terms of their job search and the number of opportunities that will be presented to them once they graduate,” said Kevin Bolen, Director of Student Success. “We know that students who participate in our CESL programming will be well-equipped with real-world work experience to prepare them for their future careers.”

Workshops and events will be launching soon – so sign up to receive the latest programming updates from CESL so you can start learning by doing!

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