People standing on the street wearing green shirts, celebrating pride

Highlights from the 2024 Queen City Pride Parade

17 June 2024
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This past weekend, the University of Regina proudly participated in the 2024 Queen City Pride Parade, celebrating 2SLGBTQ+ people and allied communities.

Relive moments from the parade through our photo gallery.

The Queen City Parade

People standing with the pride flag
Members of the U of R march in the 2024 Queen City Pride Parade. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
People smiling
Bright smiles, brighter spirits. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
People standing on the street
Marching side by side, we pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
People waving the pride flag
There's a lot to smile about at the Queen City Pride Parade. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
Cheering for Pride
Cheering for Pride. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
People carrying the pride flag
President and Vice-Chancellor Jeff Keshen (centre) leads the U of R with our Learn and Grow with Pride banner. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
People hugging
Sharing love and spreading joy. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
Person smiling
Beaming with Pride. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
Person Smiling
Joyful participants light up the parade! Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.
Pride Tattoo on the shoulder
Inked with pride. Photo Courtesy, UR Photography.


About the University of Regina

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