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Mental Health & Well Being

Mental Health Hotlines

Mobile Crisis Services


Crisis Line


Gambling Help Line


Child Abuse Line


SaskHealth Hotline


Campus Security


Anxiety and Stress

  • Free anxiety self-help
  • Anxiety B.C. provides my anxiety plans (MAPs) to help you understand and manage anxiety.
  • The Panic Centre offers personalized, interactive tools that have helped thousands of people challenge and overcome their anxiety and panic.
  • THERAVIVE provides links to specialists who help people dealing with stress and anxiety.


  • Mood Gym - Learn cognitive behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression.

Education and Mental Health

Mental Health Information

On-Line Therapy

  • Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy offers adults free online therapy for depression, anxiety, and or pain.  Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy involves reviewing educational material online with the support or a therapist of a guide..

Mental Health and Well Being

Mood Disorders

  • Check Up from the Neck Up, a simple, online, private, mental health check-up that can identify some symptoms of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder so you can get help if you need it.


  • Psychosis If things just don't seem right to you or if someone you know is not acting like they used to, it may be Psychosis.  It is treatable - get help early.