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Grading Choice – Impact Considerations

Withdrawal without Academic Penalty (W)

The implications associated with withdrawing from a class have not changed, only the deadline has changed. Students should always consider the impact that withdrawing from a class has on:

  • The ability to qualify for full-time status. A student must be registered in a minimum of 9 credit hours at the Undergraduate level and 6 credit hours (with some variances) at the Graduate level each term.

  • The ability to qualify for Student Financial Aid. Some funding agencies expect you to maintain full-time status as a condition of funding.

  • The expectations of other funding agencies on your continued academic progress. As with the previous point, there could be other expectations associated with a student’s continued academic progress.

  • The ability to maintain eligibility for scholarships, bursaries, and awards that have minimum registration requirements.

  • The impact that dropping below the minimum credit hours will have on full-time status and T2202 tax credits.

  • The impact that withdrawing will have on some program requirements that expect a student to maintain full-time status.

  • The impact this has on you as an international student. The decision to withdraw will not impact the ability to remain in Canada, but it may impact the ability to maintain an off-campus work permit.

  • The decision is irreversible.

Students who are considering class withdrawal(s) and are in receipt of student financial aid, scholarships, awards, and bursaries are strongly advised to contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office at They will review your schedule and verify the impact that withdrawing from a class(es) has.

CRC (Credit-COVID-19)

The decision to convert a grade to CRC will potentially have impact for students. It is important that students make careful choices when considering this option. Potential impacts include:

    • Admission to a professional program or graduate school, or admission as a transfer student. It is important for students considering the conversion to reach out and contact the schools directly to determine how the grade will be evaluated.

    • The decision is irreversible. If a student decides at a later date that they would rather have kept their numerical grade, converting back is not possible.

    • Visiting students on an exchange or a letter of permission will need to check with their home institution to determine if the CRC grade will be recognized.

    • Graduate students may be impacted on their eligibility for funding. If you are a graduate student in receipt of funding, please contact

    • Some awards are given to a student with the highest mark in a course. Students with CRC grades will not be considered for these awards.

NCC (No Credit-COVID-19)

Converting to NCC could impact a graduate student’s eligibility for funding. If you are a graduate student and you are considering converting your numeric failing grade to an NCC, please contact for further information.