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The University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada was granted a charter on July 1, 1974 through the passing of the University of Regina Act by the Government of Saskatchewan. The U of R is a fully recognized, degree granting institution. The University is also a member in good standing of several national associations and hold a number of program specific accreditations.

Accreditation and the University of Regina


The Council Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Studies (CCUAS)

CCUAS is responsible for advising Council on undergraduate academic programs, policy, regulations, and standards. CCUAS meets 10 times per year.

CCUAS agendas, minutes and other information can be found on the CCUAS webpage.

Course Catalogue

The Course Catalogue is a list of approved courses currently active at the University. This is not a list of scheduled classes; rather, it is a list of potential courses that may be scheduled in a specific term. To find the classes that are scheduled for registration, please search the Class Schedule.

Information on the processes and procedures used to maintain the Undergraduate and Graduate course catalogues and the procedure for approval of special fees can be found at the following link.


Grade Entry & DOME

DOME (Dynamic Online Mark Entry) is a new mark entry system that retains the same functionality as Web Mark Entry but greatly improves the underlying infrastructure and provides a more modern user interface. It enables faculty members to view courses assigned, view class rosters, and enter/submit final grades for approval. All historical information has been migrated to DOME so that you are able to view previous terms/years.


Exam Resources

Exam resources includes exam invigilation guides, information on exam incident reporting, and other resources.

Exam Resources

Infosilem DCU

The Infosilem Data Collection Utility (DCU) is the primary system used to collect data on scheduled courses at the University of Regina.

To access the DCU, use the appropriate link on the URSource Log-ins & Links page.

Program Development Resources

In 2017, the Council Committee on Academic Mission (CCAM) approved a new program approval process.

Program Development Resources

Registrar's Office Directory

A listing of the Registrar's Office by functional responsibility can be found here.


Information on waitlists can be found here.