Registration FAQ

  1. When can I find out what textbooks I need for my classes?

    You can look up your personal textbook list online at UR Self-Service account. You can also wait until classes start and the texts will be listed on your class syllabus from the instructor. Your online booklist will not appear until early August for the fall term, so keep checking the website.

  2. How do I get my tuition tax receipt?

    The tuition tax receipts are printable on UR Self-Service for your income tax return.  Login to UR Self-Service:

    1. click on "Student Services"
    2. click on "Canadian Tax Forms"

    They are usually posted by the end of February, but there is a possibility they could be posted earlier.  Keep checking, and if you have any concerns, please contact the Financial Services Office at 306-585-4123.

  3. How do I register for two terms at the same time?

    Students will be able to register for Spring/Summer & Fall terms with the same time-ticket in UR Self-Service.  Students can register for one term, then go back to the Registration menu and select a new term to register in the next term.

    For example, select the Spring/Summer 2012 term to register for May-August courses, and select the Fall 2012 term to register for September-December courses.
    HINT:Watch that the top right-hand corner of the page displays the appropriate term (ex: Fall 2012). You know can also determine which term you are registering for by looking at the CRNs. Fall CRNs start with "3" while Spring/Summer CRNs start with "2".

  4. How do I resolve a time conflict?

    A time conflict means that two courses have a class time or final exam time that overlap on the same day. The message will appear as a Registration Error on the Add/Drop Worksheet with the message "Time Conflict with CRN #####".

    First, determine what times and days are conflicting, and whether it is the class or the final exam conflicting. Then either choose another class or section that does not conflict, or obtain a special permit override. For more information you can download the permission form pdf logo (39k). If special permission is granted, you will receive a message in UR Self-Service in the Registration Menu under the Check Your Registration Status section.  

  5. When are spring/summer courses?

    The Spring/Summer term is from May-August. There are many different start and end dates for classes during this term. These class start and end dates are called Parts of Term. For these dates, go to current Undergraduate Calendar and view the Key Dates and Deadlines chart.

  6. Where can I get my unofficial transcript online?

    Login to UR Self-Service, once in the secure area, you will be able to access your personal information.

    1. Click on "Student Services"
    2. Click on "Student Records"
    3. Click on "Current Registration & List of Courses (Unofficial Transcript)"
  7. I forgot my PIN, how do I login to UR Self-Service?

    Your "USER ID" is your nine-digit Student ID, and your default "PIN" is your date of birth by either DDMMYY or YYMMDD. You will then be prompted to change your PIN from your birth date to another PIN of six or more digits. You can also answer your security question, if you are prompted, and if you correctly answer the question, you will be able to create a new PIN. If you try this, and are still experiencing log-in problems, please contact the IT Support Centre at or 306-585-4685.

  8. Where do I get my Student ID done?

    Student ID cards are available from the Registrar's Office, in the Administration Humanities Building, Room 210. University ID is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm. For more information please check the Student ID page.

  9. How do I get a confirmation of enrolment?

    You may obtain your confirmation of enrolment by logging in to UR Self-Service:

    1. Go to the "Student Services" menu
    2. Click on "Registration"
    3. Click on "Confirmation of Enrolment"

    You may also obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment from the Registrar's Office:

    1. In person by visiting Administration-Humanities Building, Room 210 (AH210) and presenting your Student ID
    2. Fax a request bearing your signature to 306-585-5203
    3. Mail a request bearing your signature to
      Registrar's Office
      University of Regina
      3737 Wascana Parkway
      Regina, SK S4S 0A2
  10. You may also obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment from the Registrar's Office in person by presenting your photo ID, by faxing a request bearing your signature, or by mailing a request bearing your signature. You may receive the request either in person, by fax or by mail. The address, phone number, and fax number of the Registrar's Office are as follows:

    Registrar's Office
    Administration-Humanities Building, Room 210 (AH210)
    University of Regina
    Regina, SK S4S 0A2
    Ph: 306-585-4127
    Fax: 306-585-5203

  11. How do I pay for my fees online?

    Login to UR Self-Service, you will be prompted to enter your User ID and PIN.  Once in the secure area, you will be able to access your personal information.

    1. Click on "Student Services"
    2. Click on "Student Records"
    3. Click on "Account Summary" or "Account Summary By Term"
  12. If you wish to pay by Visa or MasterCard click on "Credit Card Payment" or if by online Banking click on "Direct Banking".

  13. How can I opt out of the Health and Dental plan?

    If you have equivalent health and/or dental coverage, you can opt out of the URSU Health and/or Dental Plan online at If you opt out, the plan fee will be credited to your student account shortly after the end of the change-of-coverage period.  For more information consult your Plan Booklet, or visit, or call 306-586-4432/1-866-358-4432, Health & Dental Plan Office, Rm 224, 2nd Floor, Dr. William Riddell Centre.

  14. How do I get the Graduation Tax Credit?

    If you have been approved to graduate from the U of R, we will automatically apply for the tax credit for you (unless you specify that you do NOT want to receive it on your application for graduation).  For more information please visit Graduate Retention Program (Saskatchewan).

  15. How do I get a copy of my official transcript?

    You can download the transcript request form pdf logo (174k) and refer to Request for Transcripts to find the ways to submit your form.

  16. When can I register for classes?

    Time-tickets let students know when their first day of registration will be for the upcoming term(s).

    Time-tickets are viewable in UR Self Service:

    1. Log into UR Self Service
    2. Click on Student Services
    3. Click on Registration
    4. Click on Check Your Registration Status
    5. Select the term from the drop down menu
    6. View your time-ticket and ensure you do not have any holds
  17. How do I know what the building codes mean on UR Self Service?

    The location of a course is described using a building code (ex: AH). You can use the Building Code Legend to determine the location (city, campus and building) of a course and ensure you are able to attend it.

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