Convocation Ceremony FAQ

How much does it cost to attend Convocation?

There are no additional charges associated with Convocation.

Do I have a choice about which Convocation ceremony I attend?

No. The Convocation ceremony you attend is determined by the date you apply for graduation, the term in which your credential is conferred, your primary faculty, and the credential you are recieving.

How do I request a letter of invitation for my parents?

If you are an International student, you can request a letter from UR International Student Services by completing the Letter of Invitation request form.

How many guest can I bring? Will they need tickets?

Guest ticket limits are determined by the number of anticipated attendees and the venue capacity. Pending graduates will be notified, via email, about guest tickets in advance of the ceremony. There isn't a waitlist for tickets. Should more tickets become available, graduates will receive an email with instructions on how to order more.

Due to fire code regulations all guests, including children and infants, require a ticket.

How do I order my gown?

If you indicated that you are attending the ceremony on your application to graduate, you will receive a link to the gown portal via your preferred email or email account at least a month prior to the ceremony. It is important to reserve your gown by the deadline in order to guarantee a gown is available for you and to ensure that it fits properly.

I will be receiving more than one credential. Which ceremony will I attend?

You will attend the ceremony of of your primary faculty and highest credential you've earned. If you are receiving two or more degrees/diplomas/certificates at the same ceremony, you will only cross the stage once. All earned credentials will be mentioned at the time of crossing.

If you are graduating with two degrees (program with at least 4 years of study) from two different faculties, contact to let us know which faculty you'd like to cross with. You will wear the regalia designated for your highest credential.

I said I wasn’t coming to Convocation on my graduation application, but now I want to. Is it too late?

The preparations for the Convocation ceremony are immense, and involve the whole University, so we need to know well in advance how many graduates we will be welcoming and who they are. Email to see if we can accommodate you.

I have an outstanding account that I can’t pay by the deadline. What can I do?

Speak with Financial Services to set up a payment schedule. You can still graduate and participate in the Convocation ceremony like all the other graduands, but the parchment case you are given will contain only a reminder to pay your account. Once your account is paid, notify Your parchment will be available to pick up at the Registrar’s Office, AH 210 or you can request it to be mailed to you when your hold is cleared.

I'm a federated college student. Which ceremony do I attend?

You are welcome to attend your federated college ceremony (Campion, Luther, or First Nations University of Canada) and the larger U of R ceremony. For the U of R ceremony you will cross the stage with your affiliated faculty.  Contact your college's Registrar's office for more details.

I said I was attending and now I am unable to. What should I do?

Kindly send an email to by Monday, May 20 to let us know you are no longer attending.

I will not be attending Convocation. How will I receive my graduation package?

We’ll miss you, but we understand you are busy making the world a better place.

  • Update your mailing address in UR Self-Service by June 1.
  • Wait patiently. We’ll mail your parchment on June 20.
Need your parchment sooner?

June 17-19, you can pick up your parchment at the Registrar’s Office, AH 210, during regular business hours. Bring your government-issued photo id.

If you’d like someone else to pick up your parchment:

Where can I park?

Normally, free parking will be available in Lots 1M, 6, 7 and 8. We encourage carpooling or public transit.