Privacy at Convocation

If your privacy is a concern for you at Convocation, please read the following information carefully. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Convocation Coordinator by phone at (306) 585-4584.

Executive of Council List of Graduands

Before each convocation ceremony, the University of Regina Executive Of Council approves a list of all graduands that will be conferred a credential (certificate, diploma, or degree) at a particular convocation ceremony by the Chancellor. The list is not made public. Before any student can graduate, the student will have met all of their academic requirements of their particular course of study, and their name must be approved by the University of Regina Executive of Council.

Printed Ceremony Program and other Convocation Publications

For each convocation ceremony, the University prints a program containing the names, programs, credential (certificate, diploma, or degree), and any awards that each graduand will be conferred during that particular ceremony. All graduand names are included, even the names of graduands who have indicated they will not be attending the ceremony. Also, a PDF version of this ceremony program is posted online so viewers of the live convocation webcast may refer to it. If you would prefer not to have your name printed in this program, or in any other Convocation publication, please complete the Withhold Name from Convocation Publications form and email it to at least four weeks before Convocation.



Convocation ceremonies will be recorded by Access Communications and will broadcasted on channel Access 7 at a later date.

Some ceremonies with high-profile honorary degree recipients or award winners may be covered and broadcast by local news agencies without notice.


The convocation ceremonies can be viewed live via webcast.

This webcast will then be posted to the website until the next ceremony.  Your moment will be watched all over the world.



The Convocation Ceremony is a public event. Some graduands may be photographed by the University of Regina Photography Department. Some of these photos may be posted to the public via social media and the University of Regina website. These photos may be used in publicity material promoting future U of R Convocation ceremonies.

It should be understood that many graduands and their guests will likely be photographing the ceremony and the people within it. Many of these graduands and guests may choose to post their photos on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Platform Party

Please note that the U of R Photography Department will be photographing the faculty members, senior management, special guests, dignitaries, platform award winners, and honorary degree recipients. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at