Graduation FAQ

I have successfully completed the requirements for my program, do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes. In order to graduate, you MUST apply. For more information go to Applying to Graduate.

What is the approval process for my application?

When you have submitted your application to graduate, your faculty or college reviews your file to ensure that you will be eligible to graduate when you expect to. If there are any problems, your faculty or college will contact you. More information can be found at Approval Process.

Will an outstanding financial account prevent me from receiving my parchment?

Yes. Please ensure that you do not have an outstanding account that will prevent you from receiving your parchment and other confirmation of completion such as letters and transcripts. You can view your account in UR Self-Service.

My graduation has been approved, how long will it take for the credential to appear on my transcript?

There are a number of stages to gain final approval for conferment. Only after the Chancellor confers your credential by signing the lists of graduands will your degree, diploma, or certificate appear on your official transcript.

I'm applying to graduate with more than one credential, what is the process and policy regarding concurrent and additional programs?

It is important that you have been formally admitted to all programs you are applying to graduate from well in advance of completing the requirements. This is to ensure you meet all of the admission requirements to be admitted to the program to begin with. If you are seeking more than one credential in your home faculty, set up a meeting to discuss this with an academic advisor. If you are seeking a second credential in a different faculty you must complete a formal application. Once you are admitted to the program in the student information system, you will be able to see the programs you can apply to graduate from in UR Self-Service.

How do I get graduation portraits?

The federated colleges and most faculties make arrangements for graduation photos, contact your faculty directly for more information.

What is the Graduaton Retention Program?

Refer to the Graduation Retention Program page.