Graduation Photographs

The federated colleges and most faculties make arrangements to have a photographer on campus to take graduation portraits; academic dress will be available at these sessions. Contact your college or faculty for information about these sessions.

If the timing of these sessions doesn’t work for you, or there are currently no arrangements in place for photos, you can choose a photographer and schedule your own appointment. You can arrange for the loan of a gown and hood as follows:

  • Campion College:
    Contact Campion College Registrar’s Office

  • Luther College:
    Contact Luther College Registrar's Office

  • First Nations University of Canada:
    Contact First Nations University of Canada Registrar’s Office

  • All other students: Visit the Graduation Store and complete the online University of Regina Reglia Rental form and pay the $25 rental fee. Please allow three (3) business day for these requests to be filled. Reglia is only availble for pick-up at AH 210.

    Note:  Students who do not return the rented items by the return date specified on the regalia rental form, will be billed for the actual cost of replacing these items – that is $125 for a black gown, $45 for a bachelor’s hood, $50 for a master’s hood, $500 for a PhD gown, and $55 for a PhD hood.

    There will also be a photographer at the Conexus Arts Centre to take a photo of you on stage as you shake hands with the President of the U of R. More information about this is included in the Convocation information package.

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