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Applying to Graduate

Confirm Eligibility

Confirm your eligibility to graduate. Is your program(s) correct in the student information system? Have you formally applied for concurrent programs? Are your program requirements completed, or will they be in time for the next application deadline? Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to ensure you are on track.

All faculties and federated colleges' approval processes and internal deadlines vary. Please contact your faculty or federated college student services office about their internal processes and deadlines as well as your application status. 

Graduate Students: It's important to review all FGSR Deadlines.

Complete Application

There are two application submission windows:

  • August 1 to January 31 (recommended for students completing program requirements in fall [20xx30] term or winter [20xx10] to attend Spring Convocation in June).
  • February 1 to July 31 (recommended for students completing program requirements at the end of spring/summer [20xx20] term to attend Fall Convocation in October).
  1. Read the student guide before applying to graduate.
  2. Apply to graduate through UR Self-Service.

For information about how your application is handled, visit Approval Process.

Update Contact Information

Ensure your contact information is up to date in UR Self-Service.

  • Your full legal name will be printed on your parchment.
  • Deadline to complete a legal name change request is four weeks before your credential is conferred.
  • Deadline to request your chosen name on your parchment is fours weeks before your credential is conferred. Petition in confidence to the Registrar.
  • If you are unable to attend the convocation ceremony we want to ensure your parchment is delivered to the correct address (If parchments are returned or lost in the mail, graduates will be charged for the cost to re-mail and re-print).

Clear Outstanding Accounts

Ensure you do not have any financial holds on your account. You will be allowed to graduate and attend the Convocation ceremony, but you will not receive the parchment or receive transcripts until the account is cleared. Please clear overdue accounts at least 48 hours before Convocation, so that you may receive your parchment at the Convocation ceremony.

For payment of outstanding accounts, contact Financial Services at 306-585-4123. Once your account is cleared, contact

Monitor Your Email

Monitor your uregina email account and your preferred email account for information about the convocation ceremony.