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How Does a Student Register for a Waitlist

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The steps for registering for a waitlist are the same as registering for a seat in a class:

  1. In the Add/Drop Classes section, enter the CRN of the class into the Add Classes Worksheet field.
    • You cannot select the class from the Search for Classes to Add section directly, because the class is full.

      Student Waitlist Screenshot 2

  2. Click Submit Changes.
    • Error messages will appear under Registration Add Errors when attempting to register for a class that has already reached its capacity:

      Open - n Waitlisted

      indicates that the seat(s) is/are available in the section, but they are being held for waitlisted student(s). You can only place yourself on the waitlist.

      Closed - n Waitlisted

      indicates that the number of available seats is zero and that n student(s) is/are already on the waitlist. You can only place yourself on the waitlist.

      Closed - Waitlist Full

      indicates there is no open seat in the section or on the waitlist. No additional students can be added to the waitlist.

      (Where n equals the number of students on the waitlist.)

      Student Waitlist Screenshot 3
  3. Using the Action dropdown menu, select either None or Waitlist:
    • None will delete the CRN from the registration window.
    • Waitlist will add the student to the waitlist.

      Student Waitlist Screenshot 4

  4. Click Submit Changes.

  5. If Waitlist has been selected the course will be added to the Current Schedule, which will display in the following manner:

    Student Waitlist Screenshot 5

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