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How Does a Student Register for a Class once a Seat Becomes Available

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Once a seat becomes available, an E-mail notification will be sent to the student on top of the priority queue (to the ‘Preferred E-mail Address’). The E-mail will state that the student is now eligible to register for the class and the deadline to complete the registration. A sample E-mail notification follows:

Dear FirstName LastName,

You have placed yourself on a Waitlist for BUS 290 001, (CRN: 30877) in 2013 Winter term.

A seat is now available and you must register online using UR self-service or request assistance from your faculty or department office at the University of Regina. Please note that you have to complete your registration before 15-Dec-2012 12:49 PM.    If this deadline is after the 1st day of classes, you may have at most until 8am on the 2nd day of classes to take advantage of your waitlist status.

If you miss the deadline, you will automatically be removed from the Waitlist. You will NOT receive a notification of this action.

For more information, please read the Student Waitlist Instructions at

Please DO NOT reply to this message. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Registration Waitlist process, please contact your faculty or department office at the University of Regina.

University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 0A2


The student can then log into UR Self-Service and choose to register for that class or request assistance from the academic office within the deadline. 

To register for the class:

  1. Use the drop down list in the Action column beside the desired class and select Registered in Self-Service.
    • If you are registering for a class requiring an additional component, such as a lab, be sure to find the CRN of the corresponding component that now has an available seat.  Enter the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet.
    • Note: Do not drop the waitlisted class unless you no longer wish to register for this class. 

      Student Waitlist 06
  2. Click Submit Changes.

  3. The class will then be displayed in the following manner:

    [Screenshot 7]

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