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Position on a Waitlist

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The waitlist notification process moves students from the waitlist priority queue (WPQ) to the waitlist notification queue (WNQ) with a priority of 0. The notified student has an assigned deadline by which he/she must act on the available opening. During this period it may look like there is an opening, but the student at the top of the WPQ with priority 1 will not receive a notification until the deadline for the previously notified student passes or the student decides not to register. For example, if your waitlist position on UR Self-Service is 1, you are on the waitlist priority queue, not waitlist notification queue. Although you can see 1 seat available in the class, there is another student with priority 0 in the WNQ who has yet to act on his/her notification.

Thus if you are on a waitlist and there seems to be spaces available but you have not received an e-mail notification, DO NOT DROP A REGISTERED CLASS IN ANTICIPATION OF REGISTERING IN THE NEW CLASS.


If students do not know their preferred E-mail address, please log in to UR Self-Service and select "View E-mail Address(es)" under the "Personal Information" section. If a preferred e-mail address is not visible, please go to your faculty/department or Registrar’s Office to have an e-mail address flagged as ‘Preferred’ and ‘Display on Web’.

A number of university notifications for active students are sent to the e-mail address. Thus the e-mail address should normally be the preferred e-mail address. If students would rather receive e-mail at another e-mail address, please log in to UR Self-Service to set up the E-mail Forwarding function under "Personal Information" by using the "Check/Set E-mail Forwarding”. After forwarding the address, please check that the forwarding works on the following day.

Waitlist Removal

Normally, waitlists will be dropped at the end of the first day of classes for part of term 1 (POT 1) in the Fall and Winter terms. In the Spring/Summer semesters, the first day of classes for standard parts of term 1 through 7 will be the waitlist deletion dates.  For more information on part of terms, see the Academic ScheduleWHEN THE WAITLISTS ARE DROPPED, ANY OUTSTANDING NOTIFICATIONS WILL CEASE TO BE EFFECTIVE.  At this point if any seats become available, registration will be in the usual manner, on a first-come first-served basis.

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