Resources for Students

Academic Calendars, Schedules, and Course Catalogue

There are two Academic Calendars at the U of R, the Undergraduate Calendar and the Graduate Calendar. Each calendar contains information on academic policies, academic regulations, and program completion requirements. Previous Undergraduate Calendars are also available.

The Course Catalogue is a comprehensive listing of the approved courses currently available through the U of R.

The Centre for Continuing Education publishes a Program Guide each term. This publication contains information on the courses and programs offered by the centre including:

  • Adult Personal Enrichment
  • Career and Professional Development
  • English as a Second Language
  • Conservatory of Performing Arts
  • Lifelong Learning Centre

Academic Calendars, Schedules, and Course Catalogue

Academic Advising and Program Planning

Academic Advisors are here to help you with program planning and will assist you in navigating your way through academic regulations. You can connect with an Academic Advisor who can help answer many of your questions.

Academic Advising Offices

Advisor, our Degree Audit tool, is designed to help you understand what requirements you need to complete in your program to graduate.

While the system allows you to work independently, everything you see on Advisor must be reviewed and verified by your faculty. We strongly recommend that you meet with your Academic Advisor throughout your program to discuss your academic goals; this system is for planning purposes only.

Advisor allows you to:

  • See at a glance where you are at in your program.
  • View your outstanding requirements.
  • Understand how your courses apply to your program.
  • Explore your academic options (courses, programs, majors, minors, etc.).
  • Review your current and future academic goals with your Academic Advisor.

Login to Advisor

More information on how to use Advisor

Photo ID and U-Pass

Your Photo ID is linked to services you can access at the Dr. John Archer Library and the U of R Fitness Centre, gives you the ability to access student discounts, and you will need to present this ID when you access in-person services that require the verification of your identity.

Your Photo ID also includes the Universal U-Pass which is a program designed for U of R students that will allow them to use Regina Transit.

University Photo ID

Printable Forms

For application forms relating to admissions, re-admissions, and transfers, visit the Future Student's Web site.

Printable Forms

UR Self-Service

UR Self-Service provides you with access to your student record. The system allows you to view your tuition statement, add/drop courses, request a transcript, print your T2202A and more.

UR Self-Service

Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of enrolment is provided for ungraded terms, the current term, and any future terms in which a student is registered.

For more information, visit the Confirmation of Enrolment page.

Search Classes and Build Schedule

You can search for available classes and build your class schedule with Visual Schedule Builder (VSB). VSB is tool designed to help you find your optimal schedule. VSB will prompt you through a series of steps to identify your term, campus, and the course codes for your preferred classes.

Visual Schedule Builder

How to use VSB

Winter 2021 Courses to Be Held On Campus

For information on which courses are going to be held in-person on campus:

Student Apps, Software, and Systems Support

Stay connected to the University of Regina with our official app for students. The free app gives you mobile access to your class schedule, grades, important student contacts and resources and pushes emergency notifications such as tornado warnings from the University's Emergency Notification System (ENS).

Official App for Students

A variety of software is available to students to download for free or for purchase at a discounted price.

Software for Students

Your U of R email account is the primary means that the University uses to communicate with students on most services or matters.


Information Services has many other supports available to students.

Information Services Student Support


The preferred method of communication with University of Regina students is via the email account that is assigned to students upon admission.  Students should check their email account frequently to ensure that important messages or communications are not being missed.

Note:  When communication by email is not possible or appropriate, communication with students will be done via regular mail.

More information on how a student can access their email account can be found here.

Tutorials and Guides for Online Services

UR Self-Service Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (444k) - a useful and detailed guide for registering for classes online through UR Self-Service.