Obtaining a Replacement U of R Photo ID Card

If your U of R Photo ID Card is lost, stolen, or damaged you can get a new card at Registrar’s Office Service Centre (Administration Humanities Building on the second floor, Room 210). You must provide valid government issued photo ID (ie: Passport or Canadian Driver’s License).

If you cannot visit in person, you can go to the Registrar’s Office Store on the University of Regina website to order a replacement card.

The cost for a replacement card is $15.

If you order your replacement card online, you can select to use the same photo as your previous ID card, or you can submit a new photo for the card. If you wish to use a new photo, you must email registrar@uregina.ca either before or immediately after you make the request. If the new photo has not been received by the time your request is processed, the photo on file will be used.

An email confirmation is sent when the payment is received and when your new card is mailed out or it is ready for pick-up.