Reprint Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If your U of R Photo ID Card is lost, stolen, or damaged you need to go to Registrar’s Office Store on the University of Regina website to get a replacement card. The cost for a new card is $15.

You do not need to make a request in UR Self-Service as the Registrar’s Office Store will notify our office to print a new card for you. The new U of R Photo ID Card will display the original photo from your first card. An email confirmation is sent when we receive the payment and when we mail out your new card.

Once you receive your replacement card take it to the URSU office at the University of Regina on the second floor of the Riddell Centre to get your U-Pass activated. For more information go to

The bar code on the old card will be immediately deactivated. Please destroy your old card if it is located after requesting a new one.