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UR Fees Explained

When you attend the University of Regina you may be required to pay a number of associated fees. This information is designed to help you understand what you may be paying for and why. For more information on the specific fees assessed, please see the University of Regina’s Fee Schedule web page.

Academic Technologies Fee

The Academic Technologies Fee will be assessed to all students on campus and off campus (including Federated College students). This fee covers the costs associated with providing additional instructional supports, as well as costs associated with copyright and licensing of instructional support components.

Application Fee

An application fee is assessed at the point of application for admission to the University. This fee covers the costs associated with processing your application.

Business Administration Student Society Fee

Business Administration undergraduate students registered in 9 or more credit hours are charged a fee to support the operation of the Hill Business Students’ Society.

Co-op Fee

A Co-op fee is assessed when a student registers in a Co-op work term. This fee contributes to the administration of the
Co-operative Education and Internship programs and helps the University promote the programs to potential employers, visit
Co-operative Education and Internship students on the job, and travel when necessary to expand the geographic reach of the programs.

Note - Some programs require the payment of both tuition and the Co-op fee. Please consult your program regulations for more information.

Course-Based Fees

Some courses have additional fees assessed to cover the costs associated with specialized equipment or materials a student may require for course participation. Examples include, but are not limited to, lab kits, art supplies, special equipment, travel, and other supplies and materials specific to a course. 

Early Release of Parchment (Diploma) Fee

At the University of Regina, paper parchments are released at both Spring and Fall Convocation. Students have the opportunity to request an early release of their paper parchment, for a fee. Parchments are normally produced in volume, so an early release of parchment moves this process to an individualized service, and thus requires a fee. Once a student's credential has been conferred, a digital parchment will be available free of charge in MyCreds.

Education Student Society Fee

The Education Student Society fee applies to Education students enrolled in 6 or more on-campus credit hours, and supports the operation of the Education Student Society. Students in Education Field (EFLD) classes are also assessed this fee.

Engineering Epuipment Fund

The fund is a structured annuity with supplemental contributions from donations that will eventually spend its income to upgrade undergraduate engineering lab equipment and facilities. Currently the fund is allocated a portion of the undergraduate lab fees per student, per term.

Engineering Student Society Fee

The Engineering Student Society fee applies to Engineering students enrolled in 6 or more on-campus credit hours and enables the Regina Engineering Student Society to host social and academic events, send students to conferences and competitions, and maintain the engineering student lounge.

Graduate Studies Fees

There are a number of fees applicable to graduate students only:

Late Registration Fee - A late registration fee applies to students who register after the add/change courses date. Please note this fee is not charged to a student who already has one course and is adding another.

Program Route Change Fee - A change in route/focus fee will be charged to students requesting a change in route/focus of the program in which they are currently registered. This includes changes to thesis, project, practicum, course and co-op routes as well as changes from MEng (project) to MASc (thesis), or for MEd regarding a focus change to EC&I, EdAdmn or EdPsyc.

Re-instatement Fee - A reinstatement fee (refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research fee schedule) is charged to students applying for reinstatement to their programs. This fee is waived in the case of students who voluntarily withdraw due to illness or injury.

Additional graduate studies fee information is available here:

Health and Dental Plan

To help University of Regina students receive health services they need, URSU has partnered with a health service provider to provide students with extended health and dental coverage over and above what is provided by Saskatchewan Health.

Most URSU members who are taking 9 or more credits as undergraduate students (or taking 6 or more credits as graduate students) in the Fall term should be automatically covered.

For more information on the Health and Dental Plan visit the URSU website.

Kinesiology and Health Studies Student Society Fee

Kinesiology and Health Studies students are assessed a KHS Student Society fee to support the operation of the KHS Students’ Society.

Letter of Permission

With the permission of their University of Regina faculty/college, admitted and current students may take courses at another recognized institution for transfer to their program and are assessed a per course fee for this service.

For more information, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar, Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer of Credits for Courses taken after Admission (Letter of Permission).

Nursing Student Association Fee and NCLEX RN Resources Fee

The Canadian Nursing Student Association fee contributes to a chapter membership of the SCBScN program at both the Saskatoon and Regina sites to the Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA), who is the official voice of nursing students in Canada. Benefits of this professional membership can be found at

The NCLEX_RN Resources fee covers resources provided to students in year 4 of the SCBScN program. The provision of these resources has helped students be successful when writing their national licensure exam. Details about the resource may be found at

Recreation and Athletic Fee

The University of Regina values and promotes health, wellness, and physical activity for our community, both on and off campus. The recreation and athletic fee is used to provide partial funding for fitness, wellness, recreation, intramural, and sport-related (e.g., Varsity Sport, Competitive Club Sport, Sport Clubs) programming, services, and facilities. 

Student Union Fee

Student Union fees go towards the support of various URSU programs and related services. A large portion of these fees go directly to several different funds and support centres as previously determined by referendum. The remainder is used to support URSU operations and various campaigns throughout the year.

Student Union fees are assessed partially on the number of credit hours for which a student is registered, in addition to a flat rate fee. For more information on student union fees, please visit the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) website.

Transfer Credit Assessment Fee

Students who are admitted with previous post-secondary education area assessed a Transfer Credit Assessment fee when a transfer credit assessment is requested. This is a one-time fee that is assessed at the point of making the request.


Tuition is assessed to cover the cost of instruction and contribute to the overall operating costs of the University. At the University of Regina, tuition is assessed on a per credit hour basis.


The Universal Bus Pass, also known as the U-Pass, is a program administered by URSU and designed for University of Regina students that allows them to use Regina Transit as much as they like for a once-per-semester fee. By paying the mandatory fee they will in turn get a city-wide transit pass valid for the whole semester (4 months) at a rate cheaper than current discounted student rates charged by Regina Transit. Students who live out of town or within the designated opt-out zones are able to opt out of the program.

For more information on the U-Pass please visit the URSU website.