Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment and MyCreds™

U of R documents are issued through and stored securely on the MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ platform. Notifications will be sent to your email letting you know when your document(s) are available. You are able to request multiple documents in one order.

A confirmation of enrolment is provided for ungraded terms, the current term, or any future terms in which you are registered.

Transcripts are issued for previous terms and are a detailed record of your complete academic history at the University of Regina.

Confirmation of Enrolment for Student Loans

If you need a Confirmation of Enrolment for student loans or to defer repayment for previous student loans, please contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office at If you are waiting for student loan funds, please note that the Student Awards and Financial Aid office will notify you once your enrolment has been confirmed.

How to Request a Confirmation of Enrolment Step-by-Step Instructions

Read or Download the Full Step by Step Confirmation of Enrolment Instructions.

Click any of the links below to read or download a section of the document.

Note: This document is not used when applying for Government Student Loans. Please contact contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office at for information regarding your student loan confirmation.

Contact Information:

Registrar's Office
Administration-Humanities Building, Room 210 (AH 210)
University of Regina
Regina, SK  S4S 0A2
Phone: 306-585-4127
Fax: 306-585-5203