Student Records

Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of enrolment is provided for ungraded terms, the current term and any future terms in which the student is registered.

For more details visit Confirmation of Enrolment.

Grade Reassessment

Students have the right to request the reassessment of any grade, including a grade in a practicum course.

Students first discuss a disagreement over a final grade with their instructor. Once that step has been completed, students can initiate a formal process.

Students are responsible for submitting the original (graded) copies of all term work with a completed Reassessment of Final Grade form directly to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Formal requests for reassessment must be initiated by the student within 6 weeks of the date that the grade is posted to his or her web record. For the skill portions of physical activity (KHSA) courses, the reassessment must be applied for no later than 7 days after the grade is posted to the web record.

More information on the Grade Reassessment process can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar, section 5.11.

Grade Reassessment Form(PDF)(78.8K)

Grading System

The University of Regina employs a percentage grading system. More information about the grading system can be found here.

Grading System(PDF)(250K)


A hold is a restriction placed on a student’s UR Self-Service account that may:

  • prevent class registration;
  • prevent the release of transcripts;
  • prevent a student from graduating; or
  • all of the above.

For more details visit Holds


Duplicate and Replacement Parchments

To order duplicate or replacement parchments check the link below.

Duplicate and Replacement Parchments

Update Personal Information

Personal information can be updated in UR Self Service. This includes your mailing address, phone number, email account information, updating the email address your email account is forwarded to and more. Select the Personal Information tab and choose the appropriate menu item that applies to the information to be updated.

For the protection of our students, the U of R does not allow changes to names via UR Self-Service or email. A formal change of name needs to be submitted in accordance with the instructions included on the Change of Name form. Students can find more information on name changes in our Legal Name and Name Change Policy document.