Timetable Renewal

The Timetable Renewal Project will improve the way in which the University builds its master timetable. The project is guided by University stakeholders through a steering committee and the project team. The underlying goal is to optimize the utilization of the existing resources while responding to the needs of the University community, students, staff, and faculty.

Why does the University of Regina need to change the way in which the master timetable is built?

  • relevant information cannot be fully utilized due to the inefficiency of the current process and the sheer volume of information
  • required courses for students' programs can be offered - inadvertently - at the same time
  • courses without special room requests are sometimes pushed to less favourable rooms and/or times
  • current room requests lead to inefficient room utilization (ie: bottlenecks, empty spaces, large rooms for small classes)
  • classrooms are not always properly equipped for class needs
  • the demands on classroom space are increasing and classroom space is finite

This project serves to address the University's course scheduling concerns.  It will automatically take into consideration the various scheduling factors in order to create a timetable which meets all stakeholders' needs most optimally.  The Timetable Renewal Project will change the approach currently in use for scheduling by considering:  students' program requirements, instructor constraints, classroom constraints, and course constraints.

For more information please e-mail: timetable.renewal@uregina.ca.