General Information About Transfer Credit

What is Transfer Credit?

Transfer Credit is credit given by the University of Regina for academic work done at other institutions. If you have completed studies at a recognized post-secondary institution, or if you have completed courses within a recognized advanced high school program, you may be eligible to receive credit for courses at the University of Regina.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

Our Course by Course Transfer Credit Database has unofficial information on some of the transfer credit the University currently recognizes. You may also want to view our Program Articulation and Joint Program Pathways.

To be eligible for transfer credit consideration, coursework must be taken at a post-secondary institution where one of the following conditions is satisfied.

  • A Canadian institution that is a member of Colleges and Institutes Canada or Universities Canada.
  • A Canadian institution that is affiliated with a Universities Canada member institution, or accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) or the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).
  • An institution from the USA that is a member of a regional accreditation body as recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
  • An institution outside of Canada or the USA that has been approved by its country's approved authority for education as determined by the Enrolment Services Admissions Unit or; the UR International's Admissions Unit or; by the Registrar or; by a qualified international qualifications assessment service.
  • Courses taken at a Quebec CGEP toward the completion of a DEC that have not been used to meet admission requirements will be considered for transfer credit to a maximum of 30 credits.

Other recognized coursework includes:

Information on our website and in our database does not constitute an official transfer credit assessment. Some of the reasons that transfer credit may not be granted are:

  • A course may not fit a program.
  • Some programs require a minimum number of courses to be completed at the University of Regina (residence).
  • Some academic units require a minimum grade in order to grant credit. For a comparison with other institutional grading schemes, please click here.
  • Some academic units will not grant credit for courses that are considered to be stale dated. View Appendix A of the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy for further information.

Courses taken at the undergraduate level will not be recognized for graduate level transfer credit and courses taken at the graduate level will not be recognized for transfer credit at the undergraduate level.

How to Apply for Transfer Credit and the Transfer Credit Process

New Students

  1. Fill out the Application Form, pay the application fee, and successfully meet the admission requirements for admission.
  2. Send one official transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended directly to the University of Regina.
  3. The faculty or college reviews the transcripts sent from the Admissions Office and decides what, if any, classes can be awarded transfer credit. In some faculties, this review must be requested by the student, in others it does not occur until the student registers in a class and in some, the review happens automatically upon admission. Check with your chosen faculty or college to find out their procedure.
  4. Students may be required to supply detailed course descriptions if asked to do so by the faculty, department, or college. University calendars and other documentation may also be requested.
  5. Once the faculty, department, or college has determined the credit to be given, an advisor fills out a transfer credit evaluation form and forwards it the Registrar's Office for processing. This evaluation is valid only for the faculty in which it is created.
  6. The Registrar's Office checks all information to make sure it is correct, ensures that the institution is appropriately recognized, and then adds the information to each student's record.
  7. The Faculty or College sends a copy of the transfer credit evaluation to the student.

Note: Applicants submitting transcripts and other supporting information in a language other than English or French must include a notarized original translation.

Admitted Students

Current University of Regina students may be eligible to take courses at from another post-secondary institution with permission from their faculty or college. Please check with your faculty or college for the specific process to follow.

  1. Obtain permission from your faculty or college and submit the Letter of Permission they issue to you to the institution where you will be taking the course(s).
  2. The faculty or college will register the student in a Letter of Permission course on the student system.
  3. When the course has been completed, send one official transcript directly to the University of Regina.
  4. The Registrar’s Office will review the transcript and the Letter of Permission to ensure the approved course(s) were completed and determine whether the minimum grade required was achieved. Eligible transfer credit information will be added to the student’s record and the Letter of Permission course will be given a grade of MC.

The University of Regina reserves the right to refuse transfer credit for courses taken without permission.

Minimum Grade Requirement for the Awarding of Transfer Credit

Student's Faculty

Minimum grade considered for transfer credit

U.S. post-secondary equivalent grade



C- (1.7 GPA)

Business Administration


C (2.0 GPA)

Centre for Continuing Education


C- (1.7 GPA)



C (2.0 GPA)

Engineering and Applied Science


C (2.0 GPA)

Fine Arts


C (2.0 GPA)

Kinesiology & Health Studies


C (2.0 GPA)



C (2.0 GPA)



C (2.0 GPA)

Social Work


C- (1.7 GPA)

Alpha and 4-point Grading Scales Conversion

To see how the current University of Regina grading system relates to the Alpha and 4-point grading scales, please click here.

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy

Students seeking transfer credit for undergraduate courses should review the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.

Transfer Credit Appeals

Appeals on the award of transfer credit, the denial of transfer credit, and/or the applicability of transfer credit to a student’s chosen program are first made with an informal discussion with the academic area.

Students who are not satisfied with the results of the informal discussion can appeal to the Registrar. The student must submit a rationale outlining the results of the informal discussion with the academic area and provide the reasons why the transfer credit should be considered for review (see the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy). Courses that have not been successfully completed, do not meet the minimum grade requirement of the academic area, or have been completed at an institution deemed not be eligible will not be considered for appeal.

The Registrar will coordinate a review of the transfer credit appeal with the following individuals:

  • The Dean of the Faculty or the Director of the Academic Unit and;
  • The Department Head or Program Chair or Associate Dean (Academic), as relevant; and
  • One faculty member from the subject area of appeal.

The Registrar will Chair the review. Decisions of the review committee are final.

General Transfer Credit Rules and Guidelines

  1. The University of Regina accepts the principle that appropriate courses taken at colleges, technical institutes and other universities will be recognized for transfer credit.
  2. It is the student's responsibility to send the official transcript(s) to the Admissions' Office for possible transfer credit.
  3. Transfer credit will not be awarded for any courses taken at institutions that are not listed on the application form.
  4. The amount of credit may be limited depending upon the program in which the student chooses to enroll. Most faculties at the university require that a substantial portion of the program (usually at least half) be taken at the University of Regina. The criteria for granting transfer credit may vary from one faculty to another. Some require minimum grades for transfer while others will not consider courses completed prior to a certain date.
  5. Grades obtained in courses taken at other universities are not included in calculating the grade point average for graduation except where such courses are required to be taken at the other institutions as part of a specific University of Regina program. Grades obtained in courses taken at other institutions may be used for assessing admission to a faculty or program or for other purposes.
  6. Students who seek admission to any faculty of the University of Regina with advanced standing must submit a calendar of the university, if outside Canada, at which they have previously studied as well as a copy of each course description. If the material is in a language other than English or French, a notarized original translation must accompany the documents.

More specific information on Transfer Credit at the University of Regina can be found in the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.

Contact Information

General inquires and questions about the status of your transfer credit assessment can be made by contacting:

Transfer Credit Services - Registrar's Office
Administrative and Humanities Building
AH 210
Phone: 306-585-4115

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