Transfer Credit Database

This is an unofficial list of courses, and in some cases programs, previously evaluated for transfer credit at the University of Regina.

To search for courses, first select the institution (university or college) that offers or offered the course in the drop-down menu. Saskatchewan institutions appear first, followed by advanced high school curriculums. Remaining institutions are listed alphabetical by name and are not separated by province/state or country.

How to Read the Database

Each course and its University of Regina equivalent are displayed using the following conventions:

SUBJ ### (Subject with 3-digit course number) = There are a variety of courses taught at the University of Regina. See the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

SUBJ 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX = the course transfers as ‘unspecified’ because an exact match is not offered. Subject and level credit have been assigned as close as possible to the received course.

ELEC 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX = the course is a subject which the U of R does not offer; discretionary credit for an open elective has been granted.

TRCR DOC = a course syllabus needs to be reviewed before determining if an equivalent exists.

TRCR NOEQV = the course does not have an equivalent at the University of Regina and does not transfer.

TRCR SME = a syllabi for the course is currently being reviewed by a subject matter expert.

TRCR NRPS = the institution does not meet our recognition policy for transfer credit; courses from the institution will not be evaluated for transfer.

The Importance of Effective Term

Please take note of the ‘effective term’ for an equivalence. Effective terms are an indicator of the currency of an equivalence and refer to the term of the course that was assessed. The effective term is the calendar year followed by a 2-digit academic term:

YEAR10 (Winter term), YEAR20 (Spring term), YEAR30 (Fall term)

For example, 202310 = Winter 2023 term (January-April 2023)

If the effective term is more than 10 years prior to the current term, then the course must be reassessed before assigning transfer credit to ensure a content match still exists. The effective term can also inform if the equivalence applies to your transfer. Compare the effective term to the date you took that same course. If the effective term comes before or after your course by 10 years or more, then a syllabus from your term may be needed to ensure the content is not significantly different from the existing equivalence.

Database Search

The database is for guidance only and does not replace or supersede an official assessment. Official assessments are prepared on an individual basis after admission to the University of Regina.