DOME – Dynamic Online Mark Entry (Formerly Web Mark Entry)

DOME (Dynamic Online Mark Entry) is a new mark entry system that retains the same functionality as Web Mark Entry but greatly improves the underlying infrastructure and provides a more modern user interface. It enables faculty members to view courses assigned, view class rosters, and enter/submit final grades for approval. All historical information has been migrated to DOME so that you are able to view previous terms/years.


  • If you do not know your PIN, click here to have a reset link emailed to you.
  • To change your existing PIN to something else click here.

DOME Manual

Manuals and instructions may be found in the "Help" menu at the top-right of the page after you log in to DOME. Please contact IT Support at 585-4685 if you require assistance.

Click the following button to log in to DOME:


*** Connecting to DOME from off-campus now requires VPN ***

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection to the U of R network. The software used for this connection is called Fortinet, and can be installed on computers that need to connect to U of R applications from off-campus. Before connecting to DOME, you will first need to connect to or install the Fortinet client software.

Instructions for installing and configuring VPN can be found here:

There are no changes when using these systems on campus, this change only affects access from off-campus locations.

If you have any questions, or require assistance, please contact the IT Support Centre: Email, Phone 306-585-4685

DOME Inquiries

DOME inquiries can be directed to or (306) 585-4173
in the Registrar’s Office:

  • To set up DOME access for new instructors, department heads, deans or to make changes to their appointment.
  • To assist with DOME problems or concerns.
  • For assistance with UR Courses, either visit the UR Courses web page or contact IT Support at 306-585-4685.

Grade Information and Submission Due Dates

Grade Changes:

If a change in grade is required after the grades have been submitted for approval in DOME, it must be made on an official “Grade Form”. Consult with your instructor, department head or dean or designate.

Deferral of Term Work and/or Final Exam:

Student’s faculty and instructor should be notified immediately if student is unable to write the final examination and/or term work.

The authority to approve deferrals of final examination and/or term work beyond the date of the final examination belongs to the dean of the faculty in which the student is enrolled.
The Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final Exam form Adobe Acrobat Reader (75k) needs to be completed by the student and forwarded to the student’s dean for approval

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