Student Conduct

Consideration for others and respect for each person is a principal way of life within the University of Regina community.  Students, academic staff, support staff and administrators must be able to work and study in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and intimidation.

A primary responsibility of the University is to provide students with the opportunity for inquiry and the freedom to discuss and express one's views openly and without fear of retaliation, or abuse of person or property.  These attributes are the foundation of good citizenship.

The Office of Student Conduct is guided by the Regulations Governing Discipline for Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct and the Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal.  The office is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment on campus where students can study, live and work without hostility and fear. 

Utilizing a restorative framework to conflict resolution, the Coordinator, Student Conduct works with students to best understand who has been harmed, what can be done to repair the harm, and what can be done to rebuild community trust when incidents occur.  

Services provided by the Student Conduct Office include:

  • Assisting the University of Regina community with interpreting the Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal;
  • Conducting formal investigations into Student Code of Conduct violation complaints;
  • Offering restorative options for conflict resolution and transformation, as appropriate;
  • Promoting due process and fair treatment for all students involved in the conduct process;
  • Conducting sexual violence/misconduct investigations;
  • Offering student training in conflict resolution and transformation.

For more information about the services offered, please contact:

Coordinator, Student Conduct                                                                                                                

Phone: 306-585-4557