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Concerns and Complaints

The University of Regina is committed to a climate in which students, faculty and staff are provided with the best possible conditions for learning, living and working, including an environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity and mutual respect.

While most students enjoy positive experiences in class and on campus, occasionally a particular experience or occurrence may not live up to these standards.

What recourse do students have when they have a negative experience with a professor, another student, or a staff member? How can you respectfully respond if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly?

The guidelines, policies, and procedures below will help you navigate this path.

Responding to a Negative Experience

Let’s suppose that you’ve experienced a frustrating or negative experience with someone on campus. Experiences like this may include:

  • Rude or unprofessional behaviours from a professor
  • An perception of an unfair mark or treatment in class
  • Poorly-communicated instructions which may have caused you to fail an assignment

Start by seeking guidance. Some sources of support include:

  1. Professor or Academic Advisor
  2. Academic Advisor or Associate Dean
  3. Associate Dean or Dean

Academic Advisors are available within your specific faculty as well as at the Student Success Centre.

Hopefully, addressing your concerns in a timely manner will lead to a satisfactory explanation or conclusion. However, some complains and concerns may need to be escalated.

Escalating Your Concerns

The University of Regina realizes its vision by establishing educational practices that respect the dignity of individuals and make it possible for everyone to live, work, and study in a positive and supportive environment, free from harmful behaviours such as discrimination and harassment.

However, instances may occur where a student’s right to a safe, supportive environment has been violated. To help address such cases, the University of Regina has developed policies and procedures that can hopefully help lead a satisfactory resolution.

Experiences that may warrant a formal complaint include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Personal harassment
  • Harassment based on prohibited grounds

For more information, and to learn how to lodge a formal complaint, please review these resources: