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Climate Action

Climate Action is a call to action for every citizen of every nation to do their part to address climate change as the situation on planet earth is critical.  The University of Regina features Climate Action as a central theme in our 2022-2027 Sustainability Action Plan, to help address and prioritize the changes needed to implement and meet the climate challenges we face.

Our Research

Water, Environment and Clean Energy Research Cluster

The focus of this cluster is identifying the most serious threats to environments in semi-arid regions in Saskatchewan and elsewhere, providing information to decision makers on how to alleviate negative impacts of climate, land-use and pollution on hydrology, water quality and food-web integrity, and developing adaptive management strategies and policies for the impacts of anticipated climate change, population growth and increased development of natural resources. 

Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC)

PARC provides research and training related to climate variability and change, climate risk and impact assessment, and adaption planning.

Regional Perspectives Report 2020-2022

Chapter 4 of this report discusses the Prairie Provinces' climate change impacts and approaches to adaptation.