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Affordable and Clean Energy

Our everyday life depends on reliable and affordable energy. Yet energy consumption is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2022, the University used 85,000GJ of energy over 253,682m² of floor space. We undergo regular energy reviews to identify areas of energy waste, and seek to make our buildings more energy efficient.


Did you know?

The University of Regina's Research and Innovation Centre was designed to achieve remarkable energy-savings, and features southern Saskatchewan's first modern institutional green roof!

Our Research & Resources

Clean Energy Transition Hub

CETH is a partnership- and relationship-building hub that connects government and industry with research.  The Hub focuses on research areas such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, and renewable energy.
Energy dashboard graph

Energy Dashboard

Examine the energy usage across campus, as well as energy efficient upgrades over the last five years.

Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute

CETRI centralizes all low-carbon and carbon-free clean energy research activities at the University of Regina (U of R).