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** March 2017 - URSafe GVPP Needs Assessment Report **


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Campus Climate Survey Rational

Sexual assault[1] continues to be a major challenge for colleges and universities. Invariably, these institutions are faced with the necessity to build policies on harassment and assault, to design reporting procedures and to develop primary prevention tools that educate and engage both the staff and student body in the prevention of sexual assault. In many cases, data on sexual assault and climates of sexism on campus is piecemeal, outdated, or in some cases, does not accurately measure the sexual assault problem due to poor data-gathering techniques. Decades of sound research has shown that survivors rarely report sexual assault to law enforcement, and that many are unaware of multiple avenues of support. We also know that in 2014 a representative sample of female students at Canadian universities found that more than one in four women had been sexually assaulted.[2]

The University of Regina seeks to strengthen and expand its response, intervention and primary prevention services with regards to gender-based violence and sexual assault on campus. These efforts will be tailored to the historical, demographic and geographic realities of its campus community. Understanding the many different climate issues that influence programming is intrinsic to identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities for more engagement effective use of future programming.

A well-rounded climate survey seeks to understand student’s, staff and faculty’s knowledge about:

  • reporting and policies on campus,
  • resources available for survivors,
  • attitudes and perceptions toward each other and one’s role in preventing sexual assault.

These different components of this climate survey will provide a clearer picture of attitudes, perceptions and behaviours on campus as they relate to situations in and around gender-based violence.

Collaboratively, White Ribbon and Man Up Against Violence have developed a climate survey for the University of Regina where the overarching goal is to examine both the amount of gender-based violence and sexual assault occurring on campus and the perceptions of safety among students and staff.

[1] Sexual assault relates to “any non-consensual act of sexual coercion and/or domination that threatens the physical and/or psychological well-being of a child or adolescent is considered sexual abuse. The assault involves a misuse of power and may or may not involve physical force.” Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan: http://sassk.ca/about-sexual-assault/defining-sexual-assault (2016, August).

[2] Charlene Senn, et al., “Sexual violence in the lives of first-year university women in Canada: no improvements in the 21st century,” BMC Women’s Health, 1436, (2014) 1-8.

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