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Organization Studies (MSc)

Organization Studies examines how individuals come together and form organization and management structures, and how these structures create institutions. The Levene Master of Science in Organization Studies equips students with advanced research skills and extensive knowledge in the field of organization studies. The program is well-suited for prospective students who have recently completed their undergraduate education and have a strong interest in pursuing a research-focused career in business.

The Master of Science program is a research-focused, thesis-based master’s degree. Students will complete a series of methodological and discipline-specific courses, along with a dissertation. The Levene Organization Studies program prepares graduate students for research leadership positions in organizations. This specialized program is unique in Saskatchewan.

There is a growing emphasis on research in the business field. This enables graduates to apply the most sophisticated academic research to practical settings. Moreover, the Master of Science program serves as preparation for doctoral programs in human resources, management, and business strategy for those aspiring to become academic researchers.

Before applying, prospective students must have a faculty member who has agreed to supervise their research. It is the prospective student’s responsibility to find a research supervisor.

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Quick Facts

Program: Master of Science (MSc) in Organization Studies
Length: Master's Degree: 2 years
Offered Through: University of Regina
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Why Study Organization Studies at the University of Regina?

As an Organization Studies graduate student, you will have close contact with supervisors and in-depth involvement in their topics of research. You’ll get hands-on skill-building opportunities in the Behavioral Business Research lab, and in the field.

Organization Studies Frequently Asked Questions

What research areas can I study in Organization Studies at the U of R?

Research areas include Leadership, Research Methods, Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety. Areas of research can be customized to a student’s specific interests.

Do I need a supervisor for this program?

Yes! In advance of applying, prospective students must have a faculty member who has agreed to supervise their research. Applications without a confirmed faculty advisor will not be processed. It is the prospective student’s responsibility to find a suitable advisor prior to applying to the program.

What clubs, campus events, and networking opportunities can students participate in as part of this program?
The Hill and Levene Entrepreneurial Collision Space is an inspirational space to generate entrepreneurial spirit and action across campus and in the community. Asa hub designed to spark student collaboration, it encourages the exchange of ideas and empowers students to turn their entrepreneurial visions into reality.
Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Once you have been accepted as a fully-qualified graduate student with no conditions or holds on your admission, then you are eligible to apply for our scholarships, awards, or graduate teaching assistant positions.

Faculty of Business Administration Scholarships and Awards

  • Levene and Rawlinson Scholarship
  • RBC Women in Leadership Scholarship
  • Senkow Graduate Student Research Scholarship
  • The Leaders Council Scholarship

Apply for these scholarships, and more, by visiting our Graduate Awards Portal (GAP), the U of R online graduate scholarship application system.

All Graduate Funding Opportunities

Visit our Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website to learn about all graduate funding opportunities including:

  • National Scholarships (including Tri Council funding)
  • Awards to Study Abroad
  • FGSR Funding/Special Awards
  • Funding for Indigenous Students
  • Funding for International Students
  • Other Awards and Scholarships
  • External Scholarship Opportunities
  • External Student and Faculty Awards
What are some interesting graduate level Organization Studies courses?

GBUS 817 - Human Behavior in Organizations

This course is designed to develop students’ management skills through an exploration of the theory and practice involved in managing people. The emphasis is on understanding individual, team, and organization factors and the processes through which they influence behaviour and performance, with a view to improving managerial effectiveness.

GBUS 838 - Research Methods in Management

This course is designed to assist students in conducting research projects in the areas of marketing and management. It introduces a variety of research designs, including survey and experimental designs, quantitative methods as well as data analysis and interpretation. Several multivariate techniques will be covered.

What are the admission requirements?

In advance of applying, prospective students must have a faculty member who has agreed to supervise their research. Applications without a confirmed faculty advisor will not be processed. It is the prospective student’s responsibility to find a suitable advisor prior to applying to the program.   

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and additional requirements. Applicants are normally required to have completed a four-year undergraduate degree with a grade point average equivalent to Canadian 80 per cent.

Refer to the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business website for more information about admission requirements to this program.

Concepts and Goals

Students work closely with their supervisor on their research project to build skills and expertise in their subject area.

No Employment Experience Necessary

This program does not require several years of employment experience, allowing new undergraduates to enter directly into a professional graduate program.

Personalized Research

Our faculty members have diverse pedagogical backgrounds and various research interests, offering numerous options for students to explore their own research interests. This flexible program provides opportunities to collaborate with scholars from different backgrounds and research philosophies. It can be personalized to suit each student’s needs, as it is a smaller program where faculty supervisors are able to provide a high level of mentoring.

Leadership Skills and Knowledge

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Use core research skills to solve organizational problems
  • Utilize advanced data analysis methods using specialized software
  • Express in-depth knowledge of applied research design
  • Communicate with compelling written and oral communication skills
  • Provide a deeper understanding of the organizational context and how to contribute to an organization’s effectiveness through applied research

What Can You Do With a Graduate Degree in Organization Studies?

Organization Studies graduates often pursue careers in the public, private, or non-profit sectors as business analysts, consultants, policy analysts or research analysts. The Master of Science program also facilitates students’ entry into a PhD program in Business Administration, should they wish to pursue an academic career.

Many of our graduates have become key players in their organizations. Some of our former graduate students have become university faculty members.

The jobs that graduates go on to include:

  • Academic Researcher
  • Business Analyst
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of Training and Development
  • Director of Institutional Research
  • Program Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • University Instructor
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