Faculty of Education

Application Information +

Past and current University of Regina students applying to the Faculty of Education must go through the regular application process. This includes:

  • Students who have not registered in the past three semesters and want to register in the same faculty you last attended:
  • Students who would like to transfer to the Faculty of Education from another faculty at the University of Regina


If you attended another post-secondary institution, you must arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Admissions Office directly from all institutions attended, if you have not already done so.

If you are returning after being required to discontinue your studies, a letter of petition must be submitted with your application form.

English Language Proficiency

The language of instruction at the University of Regina is English. All applicants to the University of Regina must therefore demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language, unless they are entering the Baccalaureate en education program, in which case they must meet the French language proficiency requirement. Find information on English language proficiency requirements here.

Admission Requirements +

Current U of R students who have attempted a minimum of 15 credit hours at the U of R must have a minimum UGPA of 65% on their most recent 30 credit hours of U of R courses.

Current U of R students who have attempted less than 15 credit hours at the U of R will either be assessed on the combined average on their most recent 30 credit hours of previous post-secondary if they have attempted a minimum of 15 credit hours of approved post-secondary studies, or will be assessed on the high school admission requirements if they have no post-secondary, or less than 15 credit hours total completed.

Note: If applicants do not have an AGPA of 65% on the last 30 credit hours of post-secondary courses attempted, we will look at their entire post-secondary record.

Additional Program-Specific Admission Requirements for Education +

Bachelor of Education After Degree (BEAD): Must have an approved first degree with a minimum UGPA of 65%. Applicants who have not been awarded a degree upon submission of their application will be required to provide confirmation of their degree status from their respective institution prior to beginning the Education program.

BEAD Elementary: must have a minimum of 39 credit hours in teaching areas supportive of provincial/territorial curricula. It is recommended that students have three provincial curricula areas (9 credit hours of senior courses). Refer to the outline for the 4-year program.

BEAD Secondary: must have a major in their first degree in a teaching area with a minimum major GPA of 70%. A minor in a teaching area is recommended.

Certificate for Internationally Educated Teachers or Certificat Voie d'Avenir Pour Enseigner en Saskatchewan: Applicants must provide a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Certificate Assessment letter from the Saskatchewan Professional Teacher’s Regulatory Board, and evidence of proficiency in French if entering the French certificate.

Certificate of Extended Studies in Early Childhood Education: Admission Suspended until 2023.

Conjoint Programs (Bed/BKin, Bed/BSc, or BMusEd/BMus): Applicants must meet the admission criteria for both faculties.

Indigenous Education: Interview required.

Application and Document Deadlines +

Application deadlines:
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – December 15
Spring/summer term – One week before the start of classes

Final official transcript deadlines:
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – January 1
Spring/summer term – May 1

Final official transcript deadlines for those admitted conditionally:
Fall term - September 30
Winter term - January 31
Spring/summer term - May 31

Petitioning student deadlines:
Fall term – July 1
Winter term – November 1
Spring/summer term – March 1

Bachelor of Indigenous Education – deadline to apply for April interview is March 31; deadline to apply for July interview is June 30

Education is a competitive-entry faculty, therefore all programs have the right to close prior to the above-stated deadlines if capacity is reached.

Deadline for off-campus students* – last day to add courses without permission in all terms

*Off-campus students are students taking courses through regional colleges or the First Nations University of Canada Prince Albert and Saskatoon campuses