Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

Application Information +

If you are currently completing your Grade 12 year you can apply as a high school student. Your application will be assessed for early conditional admission to your program of choice. This allows students who are still in grade 12 to be conditionally admitted using grade 11 and any grade 12 courses they have completed. Students who are granted early conditional admission are still required to meet the final admission requirements for their program/faculty at the time of graduation.

If you have graduated from high school or completed secondary-level standing, and have not attended any post-secondary institutions, you are also considered a high school student. Your application will be assessed based on high school admission requirements listed below.

When applying during the final year of high school, students can provide an interim grade report and a schedule of current/planned courses via email, fax, or mail. This can be sent directly to the Enrolment Services office from the student or guidance counsellor. This interim/unofficial grade report is used for the early conditional admission calculation.

Official high school final transcripts must be submitted following graduation and by all those applying who have completed high school. This official document is used for the final admission average calculation. Find information on how to order your official transcripts. Official transcripts must come to the University of Regina directly from the issuing institution (Ministry of Education, school board office, etc.) in your province or country (if other than Canada).

English Language Proficiency
The language of instruction at the University of Regina is English. All applicants to the University of Regina must therefore demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language, unless they are entering the Baccalaureate en education program, in which case they must meet the French language proficiency requirement. Find information on English language proficiency requirements here.

Early Conditional Admission Requirements +

If you are currently in high school, we can admit you based on Early Conditional Admission Requirements. The admissions team looks at your submitted transcript to see if you have the required classes and averages below, based on your faculty of interest. 

Students applying to Arts, CCE, and Social Work require a 70% average using the five courses below.

Students applying to Education, La cite universitaire francophone, and Media, Art, and Performance require
a 65% average using the five courses below.

1. One English Language Arts or Français Language Arts Course (20-1 or 30-1)
2. One Category A Course (20- or 30-level)
3. One Category B Course (20- or 30-level)
4. One Additional Course from Category A or B (20- or 30-level)
5. One Additional Course from Category A, B, or C* (20- or 30-level)

Category A

(Maths & Sciences)

Category B

(Languages & Social Sciences)

Category C

(Other Approved Courses)

Computer Science
Math (-1)
Math (-2)
Math (-3)**
Math 31

Aboriginal Studies+
Applied Sociology+
Arabic Language Arts
Blackfoot Language & Culture
Chinese Language Arts
Chinese Language Arts
Contemporary Western Philosophy+
Cree Language & Culture
Cultural & Physical Anthropology+
Experimental Psychology+
Economics for Consumers+
French (-1)
French Language Arts (-1)
Geography (Local & Canadian/World)
German Language Arts
German Language & Culture
History (W. Canadian/Canadian/W. World)+
International Politics+
Italian Language & Culture
Japanese Language & Culture
Legal Studies Advanced (5 credits)
Origins of Western Philosophy+
Philosophies of Man+
Politics (Comparative Gov’t/Pol. Thinking)+
Punjabi Language & Culture
Social Studies (-1)++
Spanish Language Arts
Spanish Language & Culture
Ukrainian Language Arts
Ukrainian Language & Culture
World Geograghy+
World Religions+
Choral Music
General Music
Instrumental Music
Physical Education



 A maximum of two different Math courses can be used (ex: Math 20-1 and Math 30-1). Requirements 3, 4, and 5 must be met by different subjects (ex: French 20 and French 30 cannot both be used).
+ Two 3-credit courses (marked +) may be used in place of one 5-credit course.
++ Social Studies 30-2 is acceptable as a further elective if Social Studies 30-1 is not presented.
*Nursing does not allow any Category C courses to be used in the average calculation.
**Math courses marked ** cannot be used as the Math course requirement (2.) for Business, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing, or Science, but can be used as an additional course (5.). 
***Any grade 11- or 12-level language course may also be used as a Category B course.

Final Admission Requirements +

  • English Language Arts 30-1*
  • Three courses from Category A (Maths & Sciences) or Category B (Languages & Social Sciences)
  • One course from Category A (Maths & Sciences), Category B (Languages & Social Sciences), or Category C (Other Approved Courses)

The University of Regina calculates the admission average for Alberta high school students using the higher of the high school reported final grade or the provincial reported final grade. The student must receive credit for the course.

* The equivalent grade 12-level French language arts subject may also be used

Additional Information +

65% average required

Bachelor in Visual Arts, Certificate in Visual Arts and Certificate in Indigenous Fine Arts: Portfolio required.

Bachelor of Music: Interview, music theory placement test, and audition required

Bachelor of Music Education: Music theory test, audition, and Education Profile required

Approved Courses for Final Admission +

Category A (Maths & Sciences)

Category B (Languages & Social Sciences)

Category C (Other Approved Courses)
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Computer Science 30
Math 30-1
Math 30-2
Math 30-3
Math 31
Physics 30
Science 30


Aboriginal Studies+

Aluajaaqtut 30
Applied Sociology 30+
Arabic Language Arts 30
Blackfoot Language & Culture 30
Chinese Language Arts 30
Chinese Language and Culture 30
Cree Language & Culture 30
Cultural & Phys Anthropology 30+
Experimental Psychology 30+
French 30
French Language Arts 30-1
German Language Arts 30
German Language & Culture 30
History (W. Canadian/Canadian/W.
World) 30+
International Politics 30+
Italian Language and Culture 30
Japanese Language Arts 30
Japanese Language & Culture 30
Legal Studies Advanced (5 credits) 30
Macroeconomics 30+
Microeconomics 30+
Philosophies of Man 30+
Psychology (Personal/General) 30+
Politics 30+
Punjabi Language & Culture 30
Social Studies 30-1++
Spanish Language Arts 30
Spanish Language & Culture 30
Ukrainian Language Arts 30
Ukrainian Language & Culture 30
World Geography 30
World Religions 30+


Art 30
Art 31
Choral Music 30
Drama 30
General Music 30
Instrumental Music 30
Physical Education 30


A maximum of two different Math courses can be used in the admission calculation.
1 The equivalent grade 12-level French language arts subject may also be used.
*** Any 30-level language course not listed may also be used as a Category B course.
+ Courses should be 5-credits each. Two 3-credit courses (marked +) may be used in place of one 5-credit course requirement.
++ Social Studies 30-2 is acceptable as a further elective if Social Studies 30-1is not presented.

Application and Document Deadlines +

Application deadlines:
Early application deadline for fall term* - March 15
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – December 15
Spring/summer term – One week before the start of classes

Final official transcript deadlines:
Fall term deadline for early conditionally admitted students – August 1
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – January 1
Spring/summer term – May 1

Deadline for off-campus students** – last day to add courses without permission in all terms

* The early application deadline is the recommended deadline to ensure the best course selection options, in addition to the deadline for entrance awards

**Off-campus students are students taking courses through regional colleges or the First Nations University of Canada Prince Albert and Saskatoon campuses