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Application Information +

Undergraduate Certificates
If you are currently completing your Grade 12 year you can apply as a high school student. Your application will be assessed for early conditional admission to your program of choice. This allows students who are still in grade 12 to be conditionally admitted using grade 11 and any grade 12 courses they have completed. Students who are granted early conditional admission are still required to meet the final admission requirements for their program/faculty at the time of graduation.

If you have graduated from high school or completed secondary-level standing, and have not attended any post-secondary institutions, you are also considered a high school student. Your application will be assessed based on high school admission requirements listed below.

When applying during the final year of high school, students can provide an interim grade report and a schedule of current/planned courses via email, fax, or mail. This can be sent directly to the Centre for Continuing Education office from the student or guidance counsellor. This interim/unofficial grade report is used for the early conditional admission calculation.

Official high school final transcripts must be submitted following graduation and by all those applying who have completed high school. This official document is used for the final admission average calculation. Find information on how to order your official transcripts. Official transcripts must come to the University of Regina directly from the issuing institution (Ministry of Education, school board office, etc.) in your province or country (if other than Canada).

Accelerated Program
Applicants who are currently enrolled in high school or as home-based learners (minimum age 16) may be admitted to the University to take one course per term (semester). Applicants must meet have a minimum 65% on five academic subjects on a combination of two years of secondary level courses. These courses will be taken from subjects normally used for admission purposes (refer to approved list of high school courses in the admissions section of the General Calendar).

Casual Studies Program
The Casual Studies Program is designed to allow members of the general public to take courses for general interest. The following restrictions apply to this program:

• Applicants must be aged at least 18 (if under 18, they must have already graduated from high school).
• Students who have received a Faculty requirement to discontinue (RTD) or University-level forced withdrawal (MW) at the University of Regina or another post-secondary institution are not eligible to participate.
• Students can register in open registration.
• The maximum registration for any term is 6 credit hours.
• The maximum length of time students are allowed to stay in the Casual Student Program before applying to transfer to a Faculty is 24 credit hours.
• Regular evaluation of academic performance applies to Casual Students. Academic performance is evaluated following each term. If Casual Students already have full or part of a U of R degree and come in with more than 24 credit hours, those credit hours count towards evaluation of academic performance and application of academic policies.

High school and post-secondary transcripts are not required unless a desired course has pre-requisites. These transcripts can be unofficial and are accepted directly from the applicant.

Mature Admission

Mature admission to undergraduate programs may be granted to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Canadian Citizen, Refugee, Protected Person, or Permanent Resident of Canada;
  • 21 years of age before the start of the term to which they are applying;
  • have attempted fewer than 15 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses; and
  • can demonstrate the ability to succeed at university through life or work-related experiences.

Students wishing to apply through Mature Admission are required to submit a personal mature statement, high school transcripts, if out of secondary school for fewer than  fiver years and any other faculty specific supplementary information, if applicable.

English Language Proficiency
All Centre for Continuing Education Students are subject to English Language Proficiency requirements.
The language of instruction at the University of Regina is English. All applicants to the University of Regina must therefore demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language, unless they are entering the Baccalaureate en education program, in which case they must meet the French language proficiency requirement. Find information on English language proficiency requirements here.

Final Admission Requirements +

Undergraduate Certificates

  • English 12U (ENG4U)
  • Three 12 U/M courses from Category A (Maths & Sciences) or Category B (Languages & Social Sciences)
  • Two 12 U/M course from Category A (Maths & Sciences), Category B (Languages & Social Sciences), or Category C (Other Approved Courses)

Accelerated Program
Must be minimum age 16 and meet English Language Proficiency requirements via one of the following:

• Successful completion of Grades 9 and 10 English, or Grades 10 and 11 English, taken in sequence, as part of two full academic years in a high school using a provincially- or state-accredited Canadian or U.S. curriculum, or equivalent international qualification.
• A grade of 80% or better in a Grade 12 provincially-examined English course, as part of one full term of study, or equivalent international qualification
• Any approved test of proficiency in English. Visit here for more information -

Casual Studies Program
Applicants must be aged at least 18 (if under 18, they must have already graduated from high school).
Students who have received a Faculty requirement to discontinue (RTD) or University-level forced withdrawal (MW) at the University of Regina or another post-secondary institution are not eligible to participate.

Open Admission
Students wishing to apply through Open Admission must be 21 years of age or older OR have approval from the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education.

Additional Information +

65% average required for undergraduate certificate programs


Approved Courses for Final Admission +

Category A (Maths & Sciences) Category B (Languages & Social Sciences) Category C (Other Approved Courses) Category D (Business Approved Courses)
Advanced Functions
Calculus & Vectors
Computer Science
Earth & Space Science
Geometry & Discrete Mathematics
Mathematics of Data Management


Aboriginal Governance: Emerging Directions
Aboriginal Issues in a Global Context American Sign Language as a Second Language
Analysing Current Economic Issues Canadian & World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
Canada: History, Identity, and Culture Canadian & International Law
Canadian & International Politics Challenge & Change in Society
Classical Civilization
Classical Languages (Ancient Greek/Latin)
Contemporary Indigenous Issues & Perspectives
Core French
Environment & Resource Management Extended French
First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Governance in Canada
French Immersion
Geomatics: Geotechnologies in Action International Languages
Individuals & Families in a Diverse Society
Issues in Human Growth & Development Native Languages
Philosophy: Questions & Theories
Studies in Literature
World Geography: Urban Patterns & Population Issues
World History Since the 15th Century
Communication Technology
Computer Science
Computer Programming
Dramatic Arts
Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture Planning
Exercise Science
Families in Canada
Financial Accounting Principles
Media Arts
Visual Arts
Business Leadership: Management
Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture
Financial Accounting Principles
Information Technology in Business
International Business Fundamentals
Introduction to International Business
A maximum of two different Math courses can be used in the admission calculation.
*The equivalent French course may also be used.

Application and Document Deadlines +

Applications are accepted until the start date of each term. Start dates can be found in the academic schedule.