Finning Canada Award recipients Megan Penner, Joshua Ormerod, and Emma Gingell.
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2023 Donor Story

Finning Canada Award Creates Opportunities for All in STEM

2022 Finning Canada award recipients Megan Penner, Joshua Ormerod, and Emma Gingell stand outside infront of the Research and Innovation Centre on campus.With each award given, donors like Finning Canada are helping to support and empower students in Saskatchewan along their educational journeys.

Through a generous gift of $100,000 to the University of Regina, Finning Canada created the Finning Canada Entrance Award for students studying in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Every fall, an award of $5,000 is presented to a maximum of four students with the highest admission average attending the University.

Megan Penner is one of these high-achieving students selected for the Finning Canada Entrance Award in 2022.  

“I am attending the University of Regina to study pre-optometry in the Faculty of Science,” explains Penner. “This award will have a huge impact on me in the future, because I won’t have to take as many student loans. It is also very appreciated since I come from a large family and my parents can’t help me as much as they would like to.”

Investing in and supporting the next generation of learners is an important part of Finning Canada’s connection to the community.

"Finning Canada takes great pride in both inspiring and providing support to the upcoming generation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals, including those who are studying at the University of Regina. Their remarkable talents are and will remain in exceptionally high demand,” says Finning Canada’s Senior Vice President, Human Resources Canada and Global Talent, Michelle Dupont.

“The Finning Canada Entrance Award supports students from remote, rural, disadvantaged, and underserved communities. It also focuses on the inclusion of women and Indigenous students pursuing STEM careers and strengthening the diverse pipeline of talent.”

For award recipient Emma Gingell, who is studying to become a high school math teacher, this award is making a difference as she studies both mathematics and teaching.

I love problem-solving and the accomplishment I feel after learning new patterns, formulas, and strategies. I want to help the students who have decided they hate math and show them that, with the proper strategies, math is not so bad. I also want to help students thrive and be the best learners they can be.
Emma Gingell

Receiving the Finning Award was a welcome surprise for Joshua Ormerod, a mature learner in the Faculty of Science who hopes to become a computer science major.

“The financial support received through the award will undeniably aid me in the coming semester and alleviate some of the financial burden placed upon me,” says Ormerod. “I offer my deepest gratitude for the opportunities you have provided me with your donation.”

Providing university students with the tools and support they need to succeed in their educational endeavours and thrive in their careers is a core pillar of the University of Regina.

“We rise by lifting others,” says Marc Butikofer, Executive Director of Advancement at the University of Regina. “Our partnership with Finning Canada demonstrates our shared commitment to ensuring that students realize their educational dreams. Together we are building a culture of philanthropy at the University.”