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Journalism Internships

Guidelines for Employers

In accepting an intern from the School of Journalism the employer and other newsroom staff become partners in educating a new generation of journalists. The School is committed to the highest standards of journalistic practice.

Conditions of Employment

The internship placement is a minimum term of 13 weeks (the equivalent of one semester).

The intern will be paid a trainee rate (or an equivalent honorarium agreed upon by the School).

Overtime will be compensated or time off in lieu. Under ordinary circumstances, hours of work should not regularly exceed the standard work week.

Journalism Education Responsibilities

In accepting an intern, the employer agrees to undertake responsibility for furthering the student’s journalistic education.

It is important to designate a supervisor to act as a guide throughout the internship, and to serve as a source of professional encouragement and assessment.

The supervisor will develop a work plan for the internship that should include orientation to the journalistic environment, and a clear outline of duties and expectations.

Each student is assigned a faculty overseer. The faculty member is available at any time for consultation.

The employer will make it possible for interns to keep an archive of stories produced during their work term.

Evaluation and Assessment Reports

Mid-way into the internship, a faculty member will make an on-site visit to discuss the students progress. The supervisor is responsible for providing an assessment of the intern at this time. At the end of the internship, the supervisor will also complete the final assessment forms provided by the School.

In consultation with the School the employer may conclude the internship if the student neglects duties or indulges in conduct below the standards acceptable to those in charge of the journalistic operation.

The School holds ultimate responsibility for deciding if the student has passed or failed the internship

Workplace Environment

The employer, designated supervisors, and other staff members will conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner in keeping with labour laws regarding hours of work, sexual harassment, discrimination, and all other matters outlined by law to ensure a healthy work environment. Students on practicum are protected under the University of Regina’s policy on Sexual Violence/Misconduct.

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