Career Planning

The Indigenous Career Centre offers a full range of educational and career planning services to our Indigenous students, including students studying at FNUniv, Campion and Luther Colleges.

Kendra Poitras, our Career Counsellor, offer a range of resources, information and services to assist you with choosing a major and/or career direction that fits with you!

Educational and career counselling can assist you in the following ways:

1. Self-Assessment

This involves developing a profile of you--your interests, skills and abilities, personal preferences and important values. Having a clear profile can help inform you about what educational and career options will be more personally rewarding.

Different resources are available for doing self-assessment. If you would like to do in-depth self-assessment, please check the career assessment inventories.

2. Exploring Your Options

A variety of resources are available that provide more information on educational programs, different occupations and careers paths of interest. These include:

  • UR Career Guide
    Guide for Selecting an Undergraduate Program - Learn more about your opportunities for developing knowledge, skills and careers in different areas of study offered at the U of R. For a copy, drop by the office to pick one up or go online to UR Career Guide.
  • Educational & Career Resources
    The Centre has a collection of resources--brochures, magazines, books and more--for exploring options in all fields.
  • Career Cruising
    Go online for current information on careers in all fields. Access information on occupations, educational programs, career videos, job searching, links to professional associations and more. Go online at: Login in using your student user name and password or your University library card.

3. Re-evaluating Your Direction

Many students decide to change their major or career direction after completing a few courses. If you are re-evaluating your direction, consider doing further self-assessment activities and exploration of your options. For assistance with re-evaluating your direction and clarifying a new one, educational and career counselling can be helpful.

To maximize transfer credit for your courses to different programs in the future, it also can be helpful to talk with your Academic Advisor about the options that you want to keep open while you are undecided and exploring different ones.

Also consider "testing the waters" in your different interest areas-for example, by doing volunteer or part-time work, participating in a Co-operative Education program, visiting a related workplace, or talking with students in the field.

4. Employment and Job Search Coaching

If you are looking for a summer, Co-op or part-time job while you go to school or are almost at the end of your degree, you can find out more information about employment and job search from our Indigenous Career Centre Coordinator.   In addition to the partnerships we have formed with local employers and the Indigenous community, the Coordinator brings a wealth of knowledge regarding resume preparation, interview techniques and the Canadian labour market.

Career counselling services are free and confidential.

Students and prospective students are welcome!

For additional information or an appointment contact us:

Kendra Poitras, Indigenous Co-op Coordinator, Riddell Centre 163.17
  Phone:  306-585-5593 or e-mail