We are here to help you connect with employers and find the ideal job for you including part-time, summer, internship, volunteer work and full-time positions.  Browse through our job postings, meet employers to learn about their company and tour through our career fairs to network and discover new options for your future.


Career Development Seminars

Interactive workshops are available several times per month to help you choose your career direction, search for jobs, customize your resume, prepare for interviews and develop a special portfolio of your experience.

U of R Job Board

Sign up and search through job postings from a wide variety of companies seeking to hire students from every background for local, national and international jobs!

Recommended Job Search Databases

Find on our website links to a long list of alternative job searching websites that include work in specialized fields, internships, public & private sector groups and other agencies that may be of interest to you.

Career Fairs

Come and network with prospective employers, learn what it means to work for their company and discover the opportunities that await you.

Remember it is never too early to start your job search!  Employers hire up to a year before your graduation, and as early as January for Summer student positions.