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Employer Information

Hiring During Covid-19

Hiring -- Direct Offer

For Fall 2020, Co-op will be using the Direct Offer method of hiring. Employers submit job descriptions to the Co-op office which we continually post. Interested students will apply and we will send the resumes to you and set up the interviews.

You make employment offers at your convenience on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Direct Offer round process continues until most or all students are placed.

Please Note: Engineering Internship does not participate in the Match, or First Round of Hiring. Please view Internship guidelines.


Remotely Supervising Co-op Students

Remotely managing employees is as new for employers as working remotely is for employees. Remember that Co-op students may have limited experience working in a professional environment. Consider these things when supervising your student:

Provide students with the tools to do their job successfully

  • Make sure that students have the appropriate software and hardware.
  • VPN access to company servers.
  • Access to documentation including training materials and policy information.
  • Tools and office supplies

Communicate clearly and often

  • Have regular check-ins with students. Don't just rely on email but use web-conferencing software to interact with your student.
  • Provide a contact person for questions.
  • Sharing relevent updates. Keep students informed and connected.

Be clear about expectations

  • How students should track and report their work.
  • Set goals and deadlines for students.
  • Clearly identify working hours or if there is some flexability.


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Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of funding opportunities for employers to financially assist employers hiring Co-op students.

Student Work Placement Program - An initiative of Employment and Social Development Canada to assist employers with wage subsidies for students.

Venture for CanadaVenture for Canada gives keen Canadian students and recent grads immersive entrepreneurship training and real-world job experience at innovative startups and small businesses.