Co-op Spotlight - Courtney Kinequon

Courtney Kinequon  is a Third work term Business Administration Co-op Student who has also completed two work terms in the Full-Circle Summer Internship program through the Indigenous Career Centre. She has just completed a Summer Work Term with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) in Regina, SK.

About Saskatchewan Government Insurance.....

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is a Crown Corportation that is involved in insurance as well as vehicle licensing and registration. One of Saskatchewan's largest companies, it employees hundreds of employees throughout the province. 


Courtney's Testimonial…..

"I am currently in my third Co-op work term and plan on going for my fourth. I would encourage very University student to join the Co-op program because it will help you in the long run with your careers you plan on pursuing. They help you find a job to develop skills, knowledge and experience required in a workplace, and as you get further into your workers you usually end up gaining more knowledge and skills in the areas of your career. As for myself, I began with the Aboriginal internship program and did clerical work, then I began my first and second work term working in an Accounts Payable Department and helped with Account Reconciliations. For my third workterm I’m doing internal audits on financial activity. Since I’m pursuing a career in Accounting, I’m gaining more and more experience within my chosen career path. That’s what the Co-op program does for the students - they help you find jobs that increase your skills and knowledge within the working environment and within your career goals. 

I love the fact that each work term I’m adding more skills and knowledge to my resume. Plus, the pay most likely increases each workterm, which is a bonus. Doing work terms with different companies also helps networking with different people and help get your foot in the door for future employment. That’s also why it is so important to work hard and do good on the job; then you’ll have awesome references for your future.

It’s an amazing program that I never regret getting into. It has giving me so much that I know will help with my career. It helped me feel more confident about my experience and skills I have, and makes me feel like I have more to offer once I’m out in the work force. The co-op program has also helped change the person I am; it got me to be more outgoing, talkative, communicative, etc. I’m not the shy person I used to be. This is something I would encourage every student to do. It will also be nice to put the Co-op designation on my degree once I am finished school -  it gives employers a red flag saying that I already have experience!"

- Courtney Kinequon, Business Administration Co-op Student