Co-op or Internship students are eligible to apply for awards and bursaries strictly reserved for Co-op/Internship students, such as:

  • Mantle Blachford Award (Co-op/Internship Student of the Year)  - The Mantle-Blachford scholarship was established in honour of John B. Mantle and Dr. Cameron Blachford, co-founders of the Co-operative Education Program at the University of Regina. It recognizes a Co-operative Education student who demonstrates excellence in the areas of work, academia, and community services.  Undergraduate students who have completed at least one work term are eligible to apply. Applications are accepted each January  - see application requirements at
  • Career Centre Workplace Readiness Bursary - A bursary awarded to Co-op/Internship students who find themselves in financial emergencies that would prevent or hinder successful completion of a work term, student development, or to assist with training prior to going out on a work term.

Please see links for more information and for current recipients.

A full listing of scholarships and bursaries available to all students can be found at .