Franklin Templeton Workplace Readiness Bursary

The Franklin Templeton Workplace Readiness Bursary will assist University of Regina undergraduate students who meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a degree program at the University of Regina.
  • Enrolled in the Indigenous Co-operative Education Program, Internship Program, or Summer Employment Program.
  • Financial need will be determined on an individual basis and may include the following types of situations related to employment readiness:                                                  
    • Purchase appropriate business attire for interview.
    • Computer class or computer training to close the computer skill level gap.
    • Co-operative education fee for students who did not receive funding from the Band or other agencies.
    • Non-repayable emergency loans for essential needs and employment readiness such as: groceries, laundry, work kit and haircut.
    • Bus pass for one month or until first pay cheque is received.
  • University of Regina Centre for Continuing Education, Business and Professional Development Programs (Frontline Leadership series and Project Management Certificate fees).
For more information or to download application form, please contact the Indigenous Co-op and Internship Coordinator at or at 306-585-4600.