Arts Co-op

What do I need to get into the Arts Co-op Program?

Arts students must maintain an Program specific Grade Point Average (PGPA) of at least 67.5% and must have declared a major in Arts (BHJ, BAJ, BJ, BAPS, MAP, and HS are excluded). You must be enrolled in or have completed at least 45 and no more than 84 credit hours (including current semester of study) towards an Arts degree, including one of the courses that satisfies the Textual Studies requirement which includes the following courses: ENGL 110, PHIL 100, SOST 110 or RLST 245 or 248, and at least two courses in your major. Students must be a full-time student in the semester prior to starting a work term (12 credit hours in the Fall and Winter and 9 credit hours in Summer)

What types of jobs are available to Arts Co-op students?

Arts Co-op students may have a job title such as a Researcher, Project Officer, Policy Analyst, Communications Officer, Technical Writer, Administrative Assistant or Teaching Assistant,  just to name a few.

How much can I earn during a work term?

Your salary could range from $2700 to $3200 per month, or about $15 to $21 per hour. Some employers may also offer a moving allowance.

How many work terms will I do?

Three, with an optional fourth work term. Arts Co-op students will be allowed a maximum of TWO Summer work terms.

Do I need to write a Work Term Report?

Yes, you are expected to submit a work term report at the end of each work term. 
Am I charged a fee to do Co-op?
Yes you will be charged if you get a placement. Fees will be assessed in the semester that the student is registered in their work term.