Masters of Arts

What do I need to get into the Masters of Arts Co-op?

Students must have completed at least two classes in their program, have no failing grades, and obtained a minimum CGPA of 75% before applying for co-op. You must complete four courses in your program prior to starting a work term. You must also be a full time student in good standing. Graduate students will follow the same work term requirements pertaining to undergraduate students, such as length of terms, suitability of work placements, and codes of conduct. You will also require signed permission from your Faculty Supervisor.

How many work terms will I do?

Students must successfully complete two work terms; either two separate 4 month work terms or one 8 month work term.

Do I need to write a Work Term Report?

Yes, you are expected to submit a work term report. 

Am I changed a fee to do Co-op?

Yes you will be charged if you get a placement. Fees will be assessed in the semester that the student is registered in their work term. The Graduate Arts Co-op fee is set as the same rate charged for undergraduate Co-op students.