Masters of Engineering and Applied Sciences Co-op

What do I need to get into the Masters of Engineering Co-op?

MEng Co-op students must maintain an Program specific Grade Point Average (PGPA) of at least 70% and must have received permission from their Academic Advisor. You must be enrolled in or have completed at least two full semesters (including current semester of study) towards a Masters degree. Graduate students will follow the same work term requirements pertaining to undergraduate students, such as length of terms, suitability of work placements, and codes of conduct.

How many work terms will I do?

If you are registered in the Masters of Engineering Co-op route, you are required to do either two separate 4-month work terms or one 8-month work term at one time.

Do I need to write a Work Term Report?

Students in the following program areas are responsible for submitting a work term report: Environmental Systems Engineering and Software Systems Engineering.

Students in the following program areas are not responsible for submitting a work term report: Electronics Systems Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Process Systems Engineering and Petroleum Systems Engineering.

How do I apply for a Work Term?

If you meet the requirements, you must complete an application form and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Application deadlines are set four months prior to when you want to begin your work term and applications are accepted three times a year: in early January (for a May/summer work term start), in early May (for a September/fall work term start) and in early September (for a January/winter work term start). Applications are available in the Career Education office (RC 163) or in the Faculty of Graduate Studies office (NR 110.2). Note that your Graduate Supervisor must also sign off on your application form agreeing that they support your selected time frame for taking the Co-op work term.