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Computer Science

What do I need to be accepted into the Computer Science (CS) Co-op Program?

CS students must maintain and average of at least 65% and must be enrolled in (or have completed) at least 30 and no more than 75 credit hours (including current semester of study) towards their Science degree including CS 115 or CS 110 along with MATH 110. It is also recommended that the student have more than 1 CS class completed. You must be a full-time student in the semester prior to starting a work term.

What types of jobs are available to CS Co-op students?

CS Co-op students are prepared to work in software design, help desk support, network administration, web page design and maintenance, hardware and software application support, data processing, instruction and scientific computing. You might work as an Applications Delivery Analyst for Shell Canada, a Technical Assistant for SaskTel, or working in SGI Desktop Services, Network Services and Application Development.

How many work terms will I do?

Three, with an optional fourth.

How much can I earn during a work term?

Salaries for CS Co-op students typically range from $2200 per month to $3200 per month. That works out to approximately $14 to $20 per hour. Some employers may also offer a moving allowance.

Do I need to write a Work Term Report?

Yes, you are expected to submit a work term report. 
Am I charged a fee to do Co-op?
Yes you will be charged if you get a placement. Fees will be assessed in the semester that the student is registered in their work term.