Actuarial Science

Applications for the 16-Month Actuarial Science Internship (16-month to commence May 2025) will be accepted starting October 2024 and the deadline for applications will be early November 2024.  Applications can be done online at

What do I need to get into the Actuarial Science Internship Program?

Actuarial Science students must be enrolled in full-time actuarial studies including enrollment in or completion of ACSC 317 at the time of admission to the program AND completion of both ACSC 317 & ACSC 318 at the time of placement into an internship position. You must have an overall average of at least 75%, have completed between 72-108 credit hours in the Actuarial Science program, and plan to complete the first exam of the Society of Actuaries before or during your internship placement.

Applications into the program will commence every October. Please see faculty for more information on application dates.

What types of jobs are available to Actuarial Science students?

Actuarial Science Internship duties may include assisting senior actuaries, documenting rate-setting processes, file analysis, and more.

How many placements will I do in the Actuarial Science Internship Program?

The internship is 12 to 16 months in duration, with each four-month period of employment worth one academic credit towards your degree (three or four credits in total).

How much can I earn during a placement?

Salaries for Actuarial Science Internship students will range from approximately $40,000 - $54,000/annually.

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